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You there. Yes you. I’m talking to you. Are you having trouble with an upcoming test? Do you feel like you know nothing about the subject you’re learning about? Fear no more. The key to overcoming all of these obstacles, mastering the impossible, and achieving the goals to your dreams can be easily conquered if done correctly and precisely. To say that it comes without work can be detrimental to whatever it is you want pursue. Make no mistake my friend, to be the pilot of your own plane takes some work.

The first thing you have to understand is the power behind perspective. Perspective itself is a huge factor in determining what you want and how you’re going to get that. Your outlook, for example, on an upcoming test must be analyzed in hundreds of different ways. When we think of the word test, negative connotations often surround the meaning of this word. Everything from all nighters to failing echoes throughout our heads.

In order to “master the impossible,” you must do a complete one hundred eighty degree turn on your view of what it means to take a test in a subject you’re having trouble in. How does exactly does one do this? Easy. Think of it in a different way. An example could be perhaps each test signifies a step on the stairs to personal achievement. Don’t think of them as obstacles but instead as checkpoints on a race where you’re the only competitor.

Having this mentality can get you a long way. Once you’ve got that down, you’ve connected the dots but you haven’t quite recognized the bigger picture. If your most difficult subject is math, you should picture yourself as the world’s future most renowned mathematician. If your most difficult subject is art, you should paint as if you were Michael de Angelo himself. This tactic can apply to all your classes as well – not just the ones you’re having trouble in.

Is this going to contribute to an inflated ego? Maybe. The take home message here is that you believe in yourself. The possibilities from this are endless so long as you think and know you can study hard and keep yourself focused. For every success there will be a dozen other failures. As the saying goes, keep your eyes on the prize. At the same time, know your weaknesses.

Perspective? Check.

Mentality? Check.

Realizing your weaknesses? Uhm… Not-so check? Believe it or not, you have weaknesses. Even the greatest mathematicians and Michael de Angelo faltered in their own different and unique ways. It’s important to realize these weaknesses before beginning your journey towards achieving your goal. For example, if you know you need your sleep – study for your test days in advance rather than cramming everything the night before. Don’t push yourselves in the wrong direction. There is a right way to go about testing your limits.

Once you’ve got these three main pillars down, you’re almost good to go! What you have to do now is combine them all. Perspective, mentality, and knowing your weaknesses should all come together to help you experience more and make a routine where you come out on top. You conquer your challenges. You reach the top of the stairs where you not only can see your goal, but you can also look down and admire all of the work you put into reaching that goal.

Mastering the impossible is an art. Realize that. You are capable of anything so long as you put your mind to it. Students nowadays look at advanced classes as something only “smart people” take. Everyone who is smart puts a ton of hard work into their efforts. That’s all it takes. The next time someone asks you if you’re having trouble with an upcoming test, you know what to say.

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