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When you first start college, you are faced with a challenge: making new friends. If you go to a school where you already know some people, it might not seem so daunting, but for a lot of people, starting college means having to find a completely new set of friends. And when you find these friends at the beginning of the year, you don’t know exactly how those friendships will change as the year goes on. In high school, at least for me, I was friends with people I had known since as early as elementary school, so developing a completely new set of friendships was foreign ground. Over the year, I have learned a lot about how friendships change in college and here are some of the ways they do:

More People Will Come into Your Life…

When you establish your first group of friends, it’s easy to think that those are the people who you will spend the rest of your college days with. And while that might be true to a certain extent, chances are you will make a lot more friends throughout the year. You will join clubs and meet people in your classes, or just meet people wherever you go. There is no need to limit yourself to the people you met the first week of school.

…And Some Will Leave

Like I said, the group of friends you initially have will probably not be the exact same group of friends you had at the beginning of the year. While it’s said to think about people drifting away so quickly, sometimes people just don’t fit in a certain group. At the beginning of the year, it may seem like your group is going to remain best friends for ever, but it’s only natural that some people will click better than others and some people may click with people outside of your original group.

Everyone Will Change

You may not believe it because everyone is always saying it, but you will change in college. So will your friends. By the end of the year you probably will not be the same person you were at the beginning–and neither will your friends. An important thing about college friendships is the ability to grow together. Just because you are not the same people you were when you became friends does not mean you will stop being friends.

People You Already Know Might Not Stay Your Friends

If you go into college with people you already know, it may seem easier at first because you don’t really have to worry about making friends. But, often friendships from high school do not survive in college. While you might have been friends in high school, you change a lot when you go to college. And the thing about high school friends is they know who you used to be very well. The friends you make in college don’t know how you were in high school, so as you grow they are more willing to accept those changes while friends from high school may question why you are changing. However, some friendships from high school are able to remain strong, especially if both parties are willing to grow together and accept those changes.

You Will Become Friends Faster Than You Though Possible

I am constantly amazed by the fact that people I have known for about eight months know me better than people I have known for eight years. And this was even true when we had only known each other for a few months. When you are living with people and see them daily, especially in a setting like college, your friendships grow remarkably quickly. I always thought it took me forever to open up and make friends, but when I came to college I had no one that I knew around me, so I realized I had to just jump in and make friends. And it’s a total cliche, but the friends I have made are ones I want to keep around forever, and I wouldn’t have believed that at the beginning of this year.

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