Image from Pexels

Image from Pexels

Getting a job as a student isn’t as simple as it used to be. Maybe you don’t have 8 hours a day to hand over to a retail or food service job. Maybe your parents just won’t let you get a job. Anything from transportation to university financial aid could be holding you back. Either way, us students could always use some extra cash in our pocket without getting a real “job”. There are so many amazing apps and websites offering free gift cards or even cash for simple tasks: taking consumer surveys, watching videos, and more easy activities that can be done in the 15 minutes before you go to sleep. Check out the list below, and make that cash flow!


Swagbucks is my holy grail. Simply for taking surveys or watching videos, you can earn “swagbucks”, which you exchange for gift cards to Amazon, Target, PayPal, and a variety of other stores. If you’re a shopaholic, use their cashback program and earn Swagbucks back for the shopping you’d already be doing otherwise. Spending a few minutes each day doing the activities can totally add up to big bucks. Work on their website, or download the app on iOS or Android!

Receipt Hog

Getting paid for shopping sounds like a dream, right? Unlike the cashback option of Swagbucks, Receipt Hog aggregates data from your paper receipts. With the Receipt Hog app (iOS or Android), take pictures of your shopping receipts, spin the wheel, and earn coins to exchange for Amazon or Paypal. It’s that simple.


Do you love reviewing products and stores? Is window shopping your favorite hobby? Have you ever wanted to be a mystery shopper?  With this app (iOS or Android), now you are! With your phone’s “Location” enabled, search for nearby stores that participate in Mobee feedback. At each store, you complete Missions, which usually involve taking photos of the store, answering questions about the layout of shelves,and asking employees about their opinion of certain products (but remember, you’re undercover!). Just one Mission earns usually $2-$5 in gift cards or direct PayPal money!


If you’re known as taking the most Insta-worthy pics, this app is for you. Upload your snapshots to Foap and big companies like Mastercard, Hyatt, and Volvo just might use them. Other users can also comment feedback on your photo, in turn forming an awesome commercial photography community! Check out the app for free on both iOS and Android systems.


Imagine this: You and your 3 friends all pledge $5 to get straight A’s this semester. When December rolls around, you’re the only one who actually completed the goal, so you collect all $20! With Pact, the concept works the same way, but with people from around the world. Pledge a certain amount of money and commit to working out more or eating healthier. If you accomplish your goal, you earn that money back plus the money of everyone else who didn’t! Boasting a 92% success rate, this is an app that will not only make you money, but help you sharpen that self-discipline! Download now on iOS or Android and get to work!


Some of us live for those Pinterest-worthy, DIY arts and crafts. If your talents have commercial value, consider selling your crafts online through the handmade haven, Etsy. Payments are secure through PayPal, and you’ll be proud knowing your own crafts are around the nation! If you’re worried about the hassles of shipping and handling, consider selling crafts to friends around your school and town.


Still hoarding all those Hello Kitty graphic tees from middle school? Let them go and earn a few extra bucks by selling your gently used clothes to people around the world through Poshmark. Simply take a few photos of the article of clothing, set a price, and let the buyers flock! Similar to Etsy, if you’re too lazy to run to the post office, consider selling your clothes only to friends around your school or town via Facebook photo albums or a closet Instagram.

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