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College admission season – it’s the most wonderful time of the year right? Well unless you’re the Strawberry Jolly Rancher wrapper lying on my desk right now, this time of the year is one of the most stressful for us seniors and everyone around us, including our parents, teachers, and especially our fellow seniors who are experiencing this tumultuous time of their lives with us.  As we realize that the curtains to the movie that we call our high school career will soon be drawn closed, we are hit in the face with the realization that we’re not so sure as to what exactly is going to happen after the movie is over.

Thus, the college admission season – whether we’re frantically finished our applications while simultaneously attempting to (hopefully) keep up our grades up, fulfill our extracurricular duties, remember our friends’ birthdays, get adequate amounts of sleep, and keep our sanity – is a difficult time to say the least. Friendships may be challenged during this time. As someone who is in the midst of going through this time of my life, here are some tips that I’ve gathered from my eclectic experiences (yay for assonance):

On the Colleges You’re Applying To

It’s the question everyone’s asking and being asked: “So…what colleges are you applying to?” I’ve been asked this question infinity amount of times, and I’m also guilty of asking this myself. It’s just impossible to avoid. If you want to be open about where you’re applying, by all means do so; if you don’t then, it’s perfectly respond to these questions by saying “you’ll definitely find out when I get in” or “I’d rather not say”. If your friends/fellow seniors keep on pressing for answer, just know that you’re, by no means, obligated to answer this question at all!

Waiting to Hear Back

One month more like one millennium. Waiting to hear back from colleges seemingly takes forever. With all that time, one your hands, you have the choice in terms of how to use it.  After all, life is what you make of it. You can freak out about college and spend every second counting down until you get back your decision, all while discussing college admissions with your friends and agonizing over every detail of your applications. You can relax and choose to have minimal discuss colleges and find other things to focus on. Learn how to play the harmonica. Cure cancer. Whatever floats your boat.


If you’re accepted to any school that you applied to: first of all congratulations and don’t hold back on the celebrations! That’s right; don’t be afraid to brag (well just a little). This is when you can be proud of yourself – it’s a time to celebrate all of your hard work and achievements. Obviously don’t go overboard on the celebrations, but make sure to treat yourself. Make sure to thank all of your friends who helped you out along the way. If your friend gets into the school they applied to, share in their excitement! By the way, it’s totally okay to feel a tinge of jealously; that’s just human nature. But hopefully if you’re a true friend, then you’ll be happy for them!


Oh the dreaded D-words. If this happens to your friends, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you just need be there for them. Encourage them, cheer them up. That’s what friends are for. Tell them not to give up, to keep on fighting, because this isn’t the end, but rather just the beginning. Help them deal with their anger or sadness, because it’s totally normal to feel those emotions for a while. Let them expunge their emotions in safe ways (yes, eating away your sorrows is one way). You can only hope that they’ll do the same for you.

At the end of the day, remember that college decisions aren’t a reflection of who you are as a person. Sure, you may be disappointed by the results at first, but everything happens for a reason. Life has this way of working itself out. It may not be apparent at the moment, but all that hard work that you did over the past for years wasn’t for nothing. It was for everything. You have become who you are because of your experiences of the last four years of your life. So don’t fret and relax (I say as I’m freaking out about my incoming decisions). And while I’ve (hopefully) got your attention, it appears that I can’t raise my GPA on my own, so I’ve decided to put it up for adoption. Any takers?

While colleges do their best to be the object of your attention during the college admissions season, don’t forget about those who we’ve shared laughs with, cried with, and endured ordeals with! After all, as Linda Grayson best said “There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” Happy Holidays and Merry College Admissions seasons everyone!

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