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Image From Stocksnap

For a lot of kids our age, checking social media is an integral part of the day. When we’re walking to class, when we’re in class, when we’re with our friends, when we should be going to bed, AND when we should be studying. Often times there are no new, notable post but we still scroll through looking at the same content on our screens simply because it’s there. The accessibility of social media apps makes it an easy tool for procrastination, and the constant post updates arguably present a valid excuse to neglect work.

While an actual addiction to social media or interent in itself is almost unheard of, it’s a common joke about the college going generation. Whether you fit the stereotype or not you can bebefit from reducing yout time spent mindlessly browsing social media.

The first step is to turn off lock screen notifications.

These pesky little things hold you captive, reactively swiping open your phone anytime you here the ping and see your screen light up. The real-time notifications help ensure you’re constantly connected to the world around you. This connectivity is great and useful but being tethered to a pinging and beeping world isn’t good when you need to focus on what’s physically in front of you.

Now that notifications are off try to set a cap to how many times you check social media.

This is a tough one but can make a huge difference. Often we pick up our phone with the intention of checking sites for only a minute or two and end up spending over ten minutes browsing whatever we can click on. When you limit yourself to opening Instagram only five times a day you begin really contemplate whether it’s worth opening the app or not. You’ll realize, however, you aren’t missing any post, at least important ones, and on sites more frequently updated like Twitter you simply make it a priority to check the feeds of those you genuinely value.

When studying try and put yourself in an area that will hold you accountable.

The best place for this is the school library or a coffee shop where you’re surrounded by other students. Here the shame of spending the majority of your time on Facebook instead of your textbook is self induced as you look at all the people around you who are much more diligent. One way to keep yourself from checking your phone is to set it across the table from you. Out of sight out of mind right?

If you just can’t resist the urge of social media, try to study doing down hours.

This is normally later at night when most people have gone to bed or stopped posting at least. This time is also useful if you’re often bombarded by text messages. As long as you aren’t super popular on the West coast and studying on the east coast, you should be able to work uninterrupted late at night.

The key thing to remember concerning social media distractions is that they aren’t even significant. Everything you are viewing on various feeds can either been seen later or is not important enough to block you from your work. So put down the phone and get to work.

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