Snow, bad celebrity renditions of Christmas carols, eggnog, candy canes, sleep (omg, yes, sleep). Winter break came and went. For most of college-bound seniors, that hopefully means that standardized testing is now over… or at least almost over. Since it’s so close to the end, here’s to bringing some fun to standardized testing: a step-by-step GIF-piece on how every single one of us basically bombed the ACT/SAT/whatever-other-ridiculous-required-test-we-had-or-still-have-to-take. Just to remember the horrible good times, y’know.

Step 1: Get nagged at by parents to register for the upcoming test. Ignore them. Forget. Register at the very last minute and have to pay the extra late fee. Get nagged at more because of the extra fee.

Ugh, parents.

Ugh, parents.

Step 2: Buy tons of prep books. Sign up for a prep class. Don’t use them. Don’t go to class.


Step 3: Try to pull an all-nighter the night before. Attempt to study. Really just watch Netflix, go on Tumblr, and take selfies all night.

Y'know, just like Katy Perry.

Y’know, just like Katy Perry.

Step 4: Accidentally sleep in and wake up 15 minutes before you’re supposed to be at the testing site. Eat an unsatisfying breakfast… or don’t eat one at all.



Step 5: Stumble into the room just as the proctor’s like…


Step 6: Get through half the questions, then fall asleep because of your late night with Scandal. Wake up. Push yourself through it.



Step 7: Get to the dreaded Writing portion. Basically puke on the paper. Or just doodle all over it.


Step 8: Finish… sorta kinda. Leave like…



Step 9: Go home and cry. Profusely.


Step 10: Wait anxiously and finally receive scores.


Step 11: Get scores back and do one of two things.



Aren’t you glad it’s almost over?



Is there a step missing? Comment below with your standardized testing experience(s)!

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