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It’s time to create the perfect notebook to be your personal study guide.

The first and foremost part of prepping your notebook to become your personal study guide is organization. It’s very important that you keep up with the order of lessons and the key ideas in each lesson since at many times as the class progresses, previous ideas tend to build upon each other and you’ll need a solid understanding of past ideas to understand future ideas. This is where the sticky tabs come in. Use tabs such as these to divide your notebook and label them by chapters and lessons so that when finals come you can easily navigate through the notebook to find all topics especially the more difficult ones.

Next comes the notebook’s contents. While it may be difficult depending on the speed of your teacher’s lectures, I strongly suggest including notes from your teacher’s lectures before your own individual textbook notes. Teachers tend to verbalize test questions and answers and whether or not they out rightly tell the class that the information will or will not be on the test, it’s usually beneficial too right it down anyways. Choose a particular set of colors that you can associate your teacher’s words with and take notes at the beginning of each lesson of each chapter. This way, you can also have a better clue on how to form answers for free response questions as teachers tend to give points based on what they have said to be important.

After this, it’s time for your own personal notes. Whether it’s through your textbook, YouTube videos, study books, or even other people’s study guides, always keep in mine that your personal notes in the end, should be geared towards you and your own understanding. Rewrite the information gained from other sources in your own words so that you know that you truly understand the content rather than just having memorized the information. use multicolored pens if you find color association helpful. Write key vocabulary in one color, difficult topics that require extra research in another, and a different color for charts and diagrams. Highlight key concepts in a bright color so that even if you forgot which lesson it is in, a quick flip through the notebook will do the trick as the highlighter makes it eye-catching and thus easy to find. The key is to make it designed to appeal to your personal learning needs, so be sure to include whatever little tricks and techniques help ideas stick into your mind.

The last tip is to include inserts in your notebook. Inserts are printable sheets of paper that can be inserted into your notebook for extra assistance. Whether it is goal-setting inserts, healthy living ones, or simple motivational quotes, inserts are a great way to have add an extra encouraging boost to your study guide.

I hope these tips help you find success on all your tests and more importantly, help fill your mind with all the knowledge and wonders of the world!

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