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Going off to college is what most students view as a fresh start; no longer bound by the reputations and the issues that followed them in high school, they are free to be the people that they have always wanted to be. Without these limitations, many feel that it is definitely easier to transform into who they feel they are meant to be and that could come in the form of appearance, attitude, who they keep company with, et cetera.

Being in college is not only a place for students to further their education but can lead to a journey of self discovery as well. This change is exciting, confusing, and a number of emotions for you and you may be even excited to demonstrated this to your family members and friends. However, while you have been at college establishing new friendships and making new experiences, so have your friends who are away at different colleges as they strive to pursue their potiential career paths and discover who they are. 

This change may seem to arise out of nowhere, especially if you are not prepared for it, and it may make you nervous about the state of your friendship or relationship when it seems as if both yourself and those closest to you are moving in different and opposite directions. However, with college comes the territory and as students prepare to embark on this next chapter of their lives, they must both learn to understand and to accept that things may not always stay the same before they shut the door and headed down the road to the college.

Be Honest With Yourself

When returning from college, do not come in with expectations that are incredibly high. While you may feel that you have remained the same, your friend may be sporting a new hairdo and personality to match, and that is okay! For all you know, that could very well be you and when you come back for break, ready to see all of your family and friends, you must keep that in mind. There is no reason why your friendship should end or be placed on hold because you find yourselves growing distant due to college. Be honest with yourself and give yourself enough time to prepare for what may come.

Be Accepting

It may come as a big surprise for you when you find yourself losing contact with someone that you talked to all of the time in high school but with the busyness of college that could definitely alter your schedule, it is a given. So, when you realize that said individual is not available to talk or what you may feel is he or she not being able to make time for you, do not be quick to resort to anger and understand that this was bound to happen. With all of the opportunities afforded to you, you may find yourself busier than ever and also gravitating towards these new experiences and new people and vice versa. Learn to be accepting of this and prepare yourself for them. It will be a lot easier for you to come to terms with it if you know what you are in for.

Know That You Have Not Lost Your Friend

When people grow distant in a friendship, it is quite easy for them to believe that there is no way that they can ever regain that sense of closeness. You want different things and you may even roll with a different crowd but it should not mean that your friendship is over. The great thing about being involved in a friendship is knowing the trials and tribulations that you have experienced and seeing the heights you have reached after withstanding them. Going to college and changing to reflect the person that you are becoming should not be a reason as to why you can no longer remain friends with someone that has always been there for you. Your friendship is too important.

Embrace The Changes 

Whether you like it or not, some aspect of yourself or your friend’s may change when it comes time for this next phase of your lives. However, if you learn to go with the flow and locate a way to embrace the changes instead of fighting them, it will ease the process. College is a time to have fun and discover who you are and who you are meant to be – take advantage of this time to learn about you are and to become who you know you are destined to be – and do not be afraid if your friend does the same thing.

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