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Going to college gives a person a whole new sense of freedom. There’s no one there to tell you what to do, when to be home, or punish you when you’ve done something wrong. For some this freedom doesn’t really matter and it doesn’t change their daily routine too much. For others though this means doing everything they’ve ever wanted to every night of the week. We don’t always get to choose our roommates and sometimes we get roommates who go a little to heavy on the partying. Dealing with a roommate who always seems to be drunk can be difficult. Here are some ways to deal with that constantly drunk roommate of yours.

Set Ground Rules

This is extremely important for any college student, whether it be about partying or cleaning in general. Set ground rules for what is okay when it comes to drinking. Make it clear whether or not it is clear to drink in the room. Also talk about what days it’s okay to drink in the room if you do decide it is okay. Remember that it is okay to say no to having alcohol in your room, especially if it is a dry floor/dorm. Another thing to discuss is noise. When people get drunk, they tend to get loud. Talk to your roommate about you sleeping schedule. If you need to be to sleep early on Wednesdays because you have an eight am the next day you need to make that clear. By putting everything out in the open it is going to be much easier to deal with this person. Create a list of rules about what is and isn’t okay and then have both parties sign it.

Taking Care of Them

Since being in college I’ve learned that it is a common thing to expect your roommate to take care of you when you get drunk. This does not have to be the case between you and your roommate. Taking care someone who’s drunk especially at two in the morning is a terrible experience. When you lay down you ground rules also talk about what you will and won’t do for them. If you don’t want to be cleaning up their puke or having to go and get them from a part make that clear. This way there are no arguments in the morning about who didn’t take care of who.

They Broke the Rules

So you laid down you ground rules and they broke them what do you do now. Well first you need to talk to them. Explain to them which rules they broke and why it is bad. Talk to them about how it is affecting you. Most people may not realize it is actually affecting you until you tell them. Make sure you talk to them first before going to someone else. Remember that it isn’t a good idea to go and bad mouth you roommate. You never know who’s going to tell who you said something.

Getting the Help They Need

To some, this newfound freedom can lead to a complete lack of control and abuse of substances, including but not limited to alcohol and drugs. It is quite unfortunate when it happens, and sadly it cannot be labeled as uncommon. If you are looking for a great rehabilitation facility make sure to visit SJ Recovery Place

As a student studying away from home your responsibilities are numerous, and are centered around yourself. Even so, watching out for others general well-being happens naturally, and is part of living in society. You may suspect that what your roommate is doing is unhealthy. If he is abusing drugs and alcohol you may also get the feeling it is unsafe to him and those around him, and it is not something you should just attempt to get used to. You could be at risk.

Thankfully there are organizations such as alcohol rehab Edinburgh that can work organically and methodically to offer their services and assist the individual in realizing if they have a problem or not. Often people dealing with alcohol or substance abuse have underlying issues that are causing them to turn to said substances. Having a professional to discuss their situation with can lead to them realizing they have a problem, and therefore go on to get the help they need.

Breaking the Rules Multiple Times

If you feel you have tried everything, and the issue persists, then it may be time to turn to your last resort; it might be time to go talk to your RA. Depending on if your floor is a dry floor or if your RA is really strict will determine how much trouble you will get into. Some RAs will help you discuss the situation and settle the issue. While other RAs will cite or write up you roommate for alcohol possession. Remember that going to your RA can really get your roommate in trouble. If your roommate being drunk all the time is affecting you though it might be the only option.

Having a roommate who is drunk all the time can be annoying. They can be loud, bringing people over, and not courteous when drunk. It’s important to lay down some ground rules about drinking when you first meet your roommate. It is also important for the both of you to follow through on them. If your roommate seems to be breaking the rules constantly then talk to them first and if that doesn’t work them talk to your RA. Remember that you are there to learn and if your roommate being drunk all the time is affecting that then you need to say something.

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