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Image from Pexels

As students, our schedules are jam packed. Between classes, internships, clubs, social activities, study time, and a somewhat human amount of sleep, it’s nearly impossible to squeeze in anything else. Let’s be honest, working out takes a lot of time. Those “Quick 15 Minute Workout” videos on Youtube never add up to 15 minutes, if you count in the time it takes to get dressed in workout gear, pull out your weights and mat, and shower afterwards. When we get so caught up in our academics and career future, our health often falls on the backburner.

With some clever multitasking, you can fit in some simple workouts during your already hectic schedule. These will mostly be muscular fitness moves, not cardio, meaning you won’t get too sweaty or out of breath, either.

Getting ready in the morning is leg time.

What do you usually do when you brush your teeth? You’re probably standing still, or slumped against the counter just trying to stay awake. Take this time to your advantage: you can do tons of great leg workouts while brushing your teeth, combing your hair, or doing your makeup. Calf raises are great during the 90 seconds of  brushing your teeth. Wall sits are an awesome stationary exercise for when you can’t move around that much, such as when you’re doing that liquid eyeliner. Squats, arabesques, anything goes! Instead of being immobile, get moving whenever you can.

Browsing the internet is arm time.

If you’re just surfing the web on your laptop with one hand, you can definitely take advantage of your other one: grab a weight and start curling! There are tons of easy arm workouts that don’t take up much space, such as bicep curls or dumbbell flies. After a few moves, switch hands and surf with your other hand. It’ll only take a few minutes for you to start feeling the burn!

Studying and reading is core and stretching time.

Reading while sitting down is so last year. Next time you hit the books, get comfy on the floor and hold a plank with your book on the ground in front of you. There are tons of variations, including side planks, hip dips, and more, that will keep your abdominals engaged. If your book is lightweight, you can also hold a half boat pose or other core-engaging balance poses while reading. After your muscles are warmed up, stretch it all out while holding various ground-level stretching poses. By the next time you grab your lit book, you’ll be chillin’ in the splits.


You’ve probably heard these over and over again: always take the stairs instead of the elevator, park as far away from the store as possible, walk while you talk on the phone, etc. But it’s time to put these into action! All these mini exercises will add up to solid, basic workout by the end of the day. Standing in line? Calf raises. Sitting in an office chair? Ab twists. Filling up your water bottle? Arabesques. Anything goes, as long as you stay safe, drink water, and do multiple reps!

Get creative and incorporate routines for other various body parts into your day, such as your back and butt. These exercises are awesome if you have absolutely no time in your schedule, but remember that these exercises will only give you a light burn in your muscle groups. It’s still important to squeeze in a longer, full body workout when you can, including warm up, cardio, strength training, and cool down. If you consistently do these clever multitasking exercises and keep a clean diet, soon enough you’ll get that #rockinbod.


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