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If you live in a state like South Carolina (like I do), minimum wage (MW) is the dumps. There are plenty of opportunities on campus and in the community to find jobs that pay more than the dreaded [insert meager amount of money here]. You work hard. You deserve it.

On-Campus Jobs

On-campus jobs are often your best bet when it comes to employment. At no other job will they completely understand if you say, “I have to study for a test, so I won’t be able to come in tomorrow.” The hours are flexible and, depending on the service, the pay is often more than the aforementioned MW.

Career center: Often, your first stop on any job search is your school’s career center. Not only do they offer services, such as how to craft the perfect résumé and mock interviews, but they also host both job and career fairs to get introduce you to employers that want you while you’re still in college or a recent graduate. And it doesn’t end there – the career center will also have students working in the office, so after you’ve brushed up on your professional skills, you can apply them there.

IT Support: Attention, IT majors and other tech-savvy individuals. College students are forever having computer and printer problems. Be a part of their solution – and get paid for it.

Gym staff: Before getting your workout in, make some money. Working at your campus P.E. or health and wellness center is a fun way to get some extra cash. And ladies – it’s the perfect excuse to be around that cute gym rat. Need a towel?

Tutor: Being a peer tutor is not only a lucrative but also rewarding venture. At many schools, if you’ve made an A in a class, then you’re eligible to be a tutor for students taking that course.

Social media intern: Business owners are paying a lot of money for college students and recent grads to do things they don’t know how to do – especially social media. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, we do this stuff in our sleep. Take advantage of their learning curve before they catch on… or retire.

Babysit: Pretty self-explanatory. Babysitting/being a nanny is some of the best (untaxed) money you’ll ever make. If you can find a family that would need your help watching their children all four years of college, that would be an even bigger plus.

Do research: Because you’re at an institution of higher learning, you have these cool things called professors that usually don’t only teach. At many schools, professors split their time instructing students and doing research at the university. If you can find a professor in your major/field who needs an assistant/intern, latch on to them Disclosure-style and earn yourself some extra money (and even scholarships/grants).

Take part in studies: The sociology department is famous for these. This isn’t necessarily a job (unless you decide you want to do a lot of them), but being a guinea pig for research studies is an easy, often fun way to make some extra cash during your spare time.

Off-Campus Jobs

Server: The ultimate college job – waiting tables at a local restaurant. Whether it’s the pizza place or the upscale seafood restaurant, the tips you make as a server can often get you more than just a few extra bucks to spend on late-night Cook Out runs.

Internships: Depending on your major, you know what kind of internships you’d like to have to start stacking your résumé. Don’t stress out landing your first internship at a Fortune 500 company, but instead, look to intern at small local businesses. Take advantage of university alumni, as many of them will still be in the area. Unless it’s an opportunity you just can’t pass up, try to find an internship that pays. And if you can’t, don’t be afraid to use your power of persuasion/haggling to convince them that your skills deserve otherwise. They’ll be impressed you are confident enough to ask.

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