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Behind every vote, there’s a responsible voter, and behind that voter, a dedicated volunteer. Volunteering for a presidential campaign is a way for individuals to really influence the election, as they involve not only themselves, but others, by registering and mobilizing voters. As this election year happens to be one which this year’s college freshmen will cast their first vote, many presidential campaigns are reaching out to millennials, hoping to capture the youth vote. Whether you’re introverted or extroverted, short or tall, politically aware or not, there’s something for everyone to do in order to get involved with a campaign.

Join a Political Campus Organization

The first, most important thing to do is to join a campus organization that will connect you to candidates. A College Democrats or Republicans on campus is a perfect example. During meetings, official representatives will come to pitch campaign positions and give you deeper insight on how a presidential campaign runs. Once you go into your candidate’s local office, you’ll be doing a variety of things to connect to voters, such as phone banking, conducting voter registration drives or canvassing; going door-to-door collecting information, registering and talking to voters.

Volunteer on Campus

If perhaps personal circumstances make it a little difficult for you to physically go into your candidate’s office and go around visiting voters, you can do a number of things on campus to help your candidate. One of the easier things you can do is to host a party where there’ll be food and a relaxed environment for attendees to engage in political discussions. You can also support your candidate by posting and handing out fliers—social media will be extremely helpful in spreading the message fast and to a wider audience. If you’re looking for a little more fun in the whole volunteering process, you can always organize a debate watch party with the help of your College Democrats or Republicans—just make sure to advertise free food.

Maybe you’re still in high school, or attending a community college, where there aren’t as many resources a conventional four-year university has. Believe it or not, ways through which you can get involved with a campaign is endless. Although it may seem insignificant, signing up for emails from your candidate’s office is a great way for you to stay up-to-date on local events such as political rallies, which I promise you, are tons of fun.


Finally, the most valuable way in which you can contribute to a campaign is simply to vote. One of the primary reasons why people don’t vote is because they don’t think one vote can impact anything at all. However, your candidate needs every last vote, and giving him yours is the biggest gift he can receive.

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