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Image from Pexels

Oh, the study group. A gathering of like-minded individuals all motivated and dedicated to immersing themselves in the academic subject at hand. A place where knowledge is shared and ideas are integrated and utilized to provide the best study experience ever.

Well, at least that’s what I thought it’d be, but then I actually joined one and to say it fell short of expectations would be an understatement.

While intelligence and creativity were both alive and present, we were missing one more part of the trifecta: productivity. You know, the actual studying part of the study group. The study group became just another social gathering with lackluster attempts of studying. The group ended up not doing much for any of us which was disappointing since we could’ve got so much done if we all put our heads together and stayed on topic.

After leaving the group, I had a moment of reflection so that I wouldn’t find myself in a situation like that again. Here are some tips to increase your study group’s productivity so you can, with full dignity, still call it a study group.

Make a Schedule

The hardest part of being in a study group is actually studying. This makes sense since your group probably consists of your friends who would much rather discuss anything but the subject at hand and in the end it becomes just another hangout session where studying is out of the question. Since getting off task seems like the natural course of all study groups, barriers must be built to keep it on track and in this case, the aforementioned barrier is a schedule. A schedule provides a break down of the group’s study objectives and how each objective will be met. As long as someone is designated as the schedule’s companion (probably you) then you’re group will have something as well as someone keeping the group focused.

Play a Game of Jeopardy

Another way to keep the study group on track is by making the study session fun. What better way to engage a group of friends than through competition? Creating a game of jeopardy online using the topic that needs to be studied is a fun and interactive way to learn the necessary material. You can use this website to create your own game that includes test-styled questions and answers to prepare you for your next exam.

Delegate Topic Masters

The best study groups usually consists of a diverse group of people with different points of strength and weakness. Beginning your study group by having each person state their points of strength and weakness is a great way to determine exactly which material needs to be studied in the first way. Creating mini-lectures head by those who designated a particular topic as a point of strength is a great way to provide review for the whole group as well as extra support for those who revealed that the same topic was their personal point of weakness.

I hope these tips are helpful in re-invigorating your study group! Good luck and get those high scores!

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