Your significant other doesn’t always have to be with you 24/7. Image from StockSnap.

Maybe you and your significant other are on the verge of a breakup because you don’t think a long distance relationship is doable. Or maybe you met someone this summer, one whom you do not want to just call a summer fling, but you are not so sure you want to have a long distance relationship. Well, stop and read this article, because although a lot of people may think that it is difficult, but with effort, it is definitely possible. Here are several ways on how to manage a long distance relationship, especially after high school.

Technology will be your best friend. Literally.

Thanks to today’s innovations, your significant other is about a second (or few) away. Yes, a text message does not seem a lot, but in fact, it is better than using the postal service and running to the mail everyday like back in the olden times. Unlike your usual dinner date, you have to settle for a webcam date. You might be the type of person who needs that person to be with you all the time, but a webcam date is a good second option. Thanks to webcams, your significant other can be with you 24/7. Even if the two of you are busy with homework, you can merely turn on Skype and your webcam, and be “side to side” going homework together.

Actually go visit when you have the time.

I have a friend who would travel on the train for 4 hours to visit his girlfriend once a month. And then take the train for another 4 hours to go back to his college. I have another friend who took a plane to the other coast to visit his girlfriend. If that isn’t effort, I really don’t know what is. No, I’m not telling you to go spend hundreds for a flight. I’m saying that if you are close enough to visit, you should definitely go and visit. You will be able to see what environment your other half experiences on a daily basis and his/her friends. Because you are experiencing the nature of that university, you will be able to understand your other half more. For example, my university is not much of a party school and I tend to not go to parties during weekends either. Meanwhile, I have a friend who goes to parties maybe 4 times a week because of the nature of her school. I was shocked at first because if you partied that hard at my school, you might earn a reputation. However, after visiting her campus, I understood why she loved to party. The parties there were chill and fun, and you always got to meet new students. Being on a different campus lets you see college life on a new perceptive.

Most importantly? You must have trust in each other.

Going to different schools means that you two will hang out with different friends. You won’t know his/her friends and hearing your significant other talk about his/her friends can make you a bit alarmed. For example, you can’t be there when another girl starts flirting with your boyfriend. You might be thinking, What if he enjoys the attention?  Knowing that your significant other can meet someone new can make you feel vulnerable and insecure. However, you should remember that if you trusted your other half before, you should still be able to trust him/her even with the distance between the two of you.

As long as there is mutual trust and effort, any relationship should be able to work out in the end.

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