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Gobble gobble. Thanksgiving break is upon us, and, whether you’re going home or staying on campus, this break is probably much needed. The end of the semester is nearing, and, with that, the workload seems to increase to an I’m-about-to-have-a-mental-breakdown kind of level.

If that wasn’t enough, the stress of spring semester registration, fighting for classes, and begging professors for spots just concluded, too. But with that over, all of my friends are heading home for the next couple of days while I’m stuck (basically alone) on campus. While this means I’ll have my freshman triple all to myself, it also means the gym will be closed and my dining options will be limited. Basically, I’ll be bored out of my brains. So I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’m going to spend this weekend. Here’s something for all of you–mostly those of you on-campus, although you off-campus-ers should look at these, too–to help you make sure you’re staying on track and not getting too lazy from your Thanksgiving food babies.

Get Ahead on Schoolwork

Well, this is a long shot, since we all know that we’d really rather be doing just about anything else than this, but with your couple days off you could always get ahead of everyone else. I mean, it would save you a lot less stress in the future. Just imagine it; you wake up at 8AM on Monday morning after break and… what? No anxiety attack because the 2 papers, 8 responses, and 3 readings you had due today are done? How amazing! This is a very rare sort of opportunity to save your future self from a few panic attacks. I recommend taking advantage of it.

Start Studying for Finals

Hell week is approaching. You could probably use all the study time you can get. Reading days aren’t always enough. Again, use this time to get ahead. Even if you don’t actually crack open a book all break, at least start making a realistic study schedule you’ll stick to. It’s never too early. Really.

Catch Up on Schoolwork

This is probably much more likely. Over break, I’ll be reading a ton of sources I’ve gathered for my 10-12 page research paper for my writing class. I haven’t really had time to buckle down and read them yet, so that’s what I’ll be doing (if I can keep myself away from Netflix). The peace and quiet of my roommate-less dorm is sooooo welcome. I won’t even have to get out of bed and go to the library for the quiet I’ll need. This is gonna be great.

Start Looking for Summer Activities

And… here I am to deliver another warning of what’s approaching: summer break. What’re you gonna do with it? Internships? Apprenticeships? part-time jobs? Full-time jobs? Studying abroad? Teaching? Whatever it is, you need to start looking now, especially those of you in the STEM fields. Most research and internship positions are posted already and have earlier deadlines than other fields’ opportunities. You’ll want to start searching now, applying, planning, and figuring out all of the logistics. For you freshmen, this isn’t necessarily… necessary, since it is only your first year–but you should still see what you can find. Any experience is good experience when you’re just starting out. Search around on your institution’s career resources website, or even go schedule a meeting with someone to help you before they leave, if you’re having trouble. Now is the time to start looking.

Wander Around Town

If you’re a freshie like me, you might not have had the time lately to wander around the town/city/not-even-on-the-map location where you’ll be for the next four years of your life. Even if you don’t have friends to go with, now is the time to explore: restaurants, stores, local attractions. Be a tourist. You can spare some time to get lost and some more time to find your way back. Just remember to charge your phone so it doesn’t die right when you need the GPS.

Actually Relax

So maybe you are at home for the holidays, or even if you aren’t, you deserve to kick back. Play some sudoku. Watch Mean Girls. Read for leisure (oh lawd how I miss this). Call up family or friends you haven’t had the time to contact recently. Just take a deep breath, because you’ve really deserved it, working your bum off for the last three months. Eat more food than you can possibly imagine, and don’t go try to work it off at the gym before class resumes, because that’s brain food! Let your belly pooch out, slump around in the La-Z-Boy, and just watch TV, because sometimes being stuffed (ha.. like a turkey, because Thanksgiving… right? I’m so funny.) is just the thing you need. Enjoy it.

Have any other suggestions? Want to share what you’ll be doing for Thanksgiving? Leave a comment below.

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