Image from Pexels.

Image from Pexels.

I have witnessed a multitude of in-class arguments caused by absent-minded remarks and retaliations. When arguments come up in everyday conversations, or even in Model United Nations debates, people tend to lose it and begin shouting at anyone and everyone involved. All it takes is one comment to be labeled as “ignorant” or “insensitive,” and the rest has the potential to turn into a full-on shouting match.

Remaining calm in an argument (or remaining calm in general) is part of having to interact with other terrestrial human beings. The next time you find yourself in a full-blown argument, make sure you’re arguing your perspective in a manner that doesn’t come off as aggressive or overly influenced by your emotions. If you don’t make an effort to listen to what other people are saying, the argument is likely to turn into a set of mindless projections of one side’s opinions or beliefs. Conversations aren’t really conversations when nothing is being said in response to the other person or people involved. At the end of the day, nothing will happen if everyone involved is only trying to (aggressively) get their views across without even listening or responding to what the other people involved are saying.

It’s easy to negate whatever someone else is saying by immediately labeling their views as insensitive or uninformed. Instead of losing it right away, think about where your reactions are coming from and whether or not you’re only trying to get your own views and opinions across without listening first. Don’t brush someone else’s opinion off if you aren’t fully aware of what they’re trying to say. Similarly, try to think about how your own emotions or biases might be influencing how you communicate in both personal and academic situations. The only way to really remain calm while arguing your perspective is by listening. It can be difficult to stray from the habit of constantly asserting your own views without taking those of other people into consideration, but it’s a habit worth breaking now that we claim to be more social than ever, and now that almost everything can serve as a cause for a heated argument.

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