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Being stuck on campus while your friends are on exotic vacations or living it up at home with mom’s cooking can honestly, for lack of a better word, suck. Big time. But sometimes you’ve got too much work or a trip to Jamaica/home is just out of the budget, and you’re not alone. Unlike the winter holiday break, spring break tends to be much shorter (especially if your spring break is different from Easter break, or if your school doesn’t celebrate Easter at all). It happens.

But before you start jealously drooling over your friends awesome Instagrams, look around, and enjoy what your campus has to offer, because there are definitely some surprising (and not-so-surprising) upsides to being stuck on campus, and we talked to students who’ve stayed on campus over break before and asked them about how they liked it. The answers? You’ll have to read to find out.

Sam, 19, Wake Forest

“Being from California, plane tickets to go home over Easter just didn’t fit into the budget, and I stayed on campus my freshman year spring break. Of course, I really missed seeing my parents, and it would’ve been fun to be hanging out on some beach in Florida with my friends, but since the people I usually ‘hung out’ with were out of town, and the same situation happened with a lot of other people staying on campus, everyone was kind of forced to branch out and meet new people. I actually made a ton of new friends I otherwise wouldn’t have made on campus and got closer with a lot of acquaintances — I even met my current boyfriend that way. So yeah, I’d say staying on campus for spring break was a pretty good choice.”

Robert, 22, UC Davis

“My junior year, my parents relocated to Siena, Italy, and there was no way I was going to be able to afford a plane ticket to Europe. So I kicked it at school. Turns out it’s pretty awesome and I got to take some day trips around California that I wouldn’t have time for during semester. I also slept a lot, which I don’t usually get to do either, so that was pretty cool.”

Elskie, 20, Florida State

“My school basically is a spring break destination, but no way could I afford Panama City or Miami with my friends. I stayed on campus and tanned a lot. I know I’m pretty lucky because my school has a pretty prime location already, unlike schools in the North where they do freeze, but I have to say snuggling up with some Ben and Jerry’s and some Breakfast at Tiffany’s in utter peace (because my roommates weren’t around) was a pretty awesome treat. Low-key, yes, but every bit a worthy break in my mind.”

David, 21, Harvard

“I’ve had a crazy few months. I’m applying to law school, I’ve been trying to keep up with my schoolwork, and I’m trying to balance that with a healthy social life. On top of that, all these things are so expensive! Harvard (and the Cambridge area) isn’t a cheap place to live, so with everyone gone I’ve been able to pull some extra shifts at work and bring in that much needed dough. Also, I really, really dislike the LSATs. Just had to put that one out there.”

Ricardo, 19, Ohio State

“Movies like to portray spring break as a time to let loose, but, to be honest, I’m so tired from semester I have no energy to let loose anyways. I love to cook, though, and I’ve been able to really experiment recipe-wise with a lot of stuff. Don’t tell my roommates, though. They’ll think that’s really weird. Why am I even telling you this?”

Ready to stay on campus? We basically are, too.

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