Photo by Pexels.

Photo by Pexels.

Over this past semester, I decided to volunteer at the farmer’s market in order to see the type of things people sold. On my first day, there was a woman who sold companion plants, most of them were $4, and others were $8. There I found my love for plants. I bought an Old Fashioned Rose, not knowing what to do with it, how to take care of it, or even if I could have one in the dorms. However, after getting the ‘Okay’ from my RA and doing a little bit of research, I found out a couple of things that may make taking care of a plant in the dorms, easier.

If you can’t water it consistently, don’t get one.

I don’t mean it in a bad way, but if you’re someone who isn’t home but every couple of days, then maybe you could wait to get a plant. Or you could get a friend to come by and water it for you if you aren’t able to do it yourself at times. Some plants may need more watering than others, so make sure to look it up before hand to see what you’re dealing with. The same thing could be applied to getting a fish. If you can’t feed it every day, it might not be the right time to take that task on. Even though it’s a small responsibility, it’s still a responsibility and if you keep up with it, you could really watch you plant grow.

Know whether or not your plant needs direct or indirect sunlight.

Plants like Lavender and Hibiscus need direct sunlight in order to thrive. Unless you’re able to have your plant outside a lot of the time under your care, it might be harder for you to take care of a direct sunlight plant. I personally, would recommend getting an indirect sunlight plant. Placing it on a window sill is all you really need for it to grow and become a healthy plant. I had a hard time adjusting to this since I was used to sleeping with my blinds closed, so having to open them all of the time, every single day was a little annoying at first. However, making a small change like that can make a big difference.

Choose one on the smaller side.

Even though I know I want a bigger plant in the future, it’s hard to take care of a plant that not only has a big pot, but grows outward, upward and takes up more room as it grows. It might not be the easiest task to put the plant on a window sill when it’s bigger than the window sill itself. Plus, if it has long vines, it might not be the best thing to have because you may end up tripping over it, which could not only cause a big setback with your plant, but also a big mess in your room. Having a plant that you can hold the pot in one or two hands might be the best option, especially for beginners. It gives you a time to test run whether or not taking care of a plant is right for you and if you think you can take care of a bigger plant in the future.

Going into this, I was thinking this would be something that I would casually want to do, and maybe not even put that much effort into. However, I’ve since found out that I really enjoy taking care of plants, so much so that I’m considering starting my own garden in the future. I really enjoyed the fact that I could quite literally watch the growth of my plant. It’s something I’ve even passed onto a couple of my friends. So make it fun! Sure it’s a plant, but you could make it into something bigger, and even create a bonding opportunity and teach people a little bit about nature.

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