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Image from Pexels.

Hats off to you, class of 2017 college students! A year ago, we were waiting on ED/EA decisions, writing application essays, cursing the Common App…today, we’re also knees deep in finals (or a new season of 30 Rock), around the corner from break, and those are all signs of mid-December, but this time? We’re rounding out the end of our first semester of college. Undoubtedly, the last three to four months have been a huge experience for all college freshmen, and as we dive into the beginning of the end, we reflect on the ridiculousness that has been our immersion to college life.


“I’m feeling murderous.” – Alice Herchek

Exams…homework…pre-requisites…if life and work haven’t made you feel this way at least once, then the college transition definitely will. All of a sudden, your daily life, the world you live in becomes enclosed to your campus – you live where you work, study, hangout, and take classes. It’s more than okay to feel like this at times, but take care of this stress too!

“Nothing I love more than the rush of an existential crisis amidst registration for next semester. Feel like I just sold my soul to the science.” – Steph Giordano, my roommate.

Registration? More like Registration (Hunger) Games. It’s a system: first, spending a few weeks stressed over figuring out what combination of times, courses, and professors to take. Then, stalking the number of open seats left while upperclassmen register. When it comes to the big day, we got up early; refreshed the browser every ten seconds; proceeded to get kicked out of the server; cued every obscenity imaginable yelled throughout campus; and finally (minutes to hours later…) walking out of the registration with some sort of schedule, and a huge sigh of relief…at least next time, we’ll have earlier registration dates, and more experience under our belts (read: will have ethernet cable handy).

Dorm Life (Or, Desperation)

“Have you ever been so desperate you’ve eaten raw spaghetti?” – Louis Moskovitz 

I can’t say that I have buddy, but I get where you’re coming from. (Meet Seamless, my new best friend.)

“I mixed ramen with a pencil once.” – Michael Hamati

When instant noodles wins out over cafeteria food. Mmm, graphite-flavored ramen.

“I’m hiding [in the bathroom] from drunk people in the hallway…” – me, to the girl washing up at the sink next to me, while I scroll through Instagram. Followed by, “Come on…I just want to finish my Grey’s Anatomy…go to bed…”.

Definitely a reality of dorm life in college, your social life (or sleep cycle) butts heads with the dozens of other people around you.

If All Else Fails…

“If all else fails I’ll just invent random sh*t and sell it to people.” – Pre-engineering student

“…isn’t that what you engineers do?” – Pre-medical student

Love-hate between campus cultures. It’s at every college campus: the humanities versus the sciences, business versus arts and sciences, pre-med versus (pre-)engineering versus pre-law, even between majors (my roommate and I frequently argue biology versus physics). At the end of the day though, let’s be honest: it’s always going to be the entire university against their rival.

“If all else fails, I’m dropping out and becoming a stripper.”  – A classic favorite.

Heard from upperclassmen too! There are so many variations on this line, but stress makes you say the funniest things.


When sleep levels are low, the caffeine intake is high, and the sass levels are higher…trust us, the TP team knows it well. I believe I can rest assured that these self-explanatory quotes have been uttered multiple times by fellow freshman across the TP nation.

“Can you wake me up tomorrow?” – me to my roommates, floormates to each other…it’s a huge cycle. 

(My friend once gave me his room key to key in the next morning and wake him up. It freaked out his roommate. Welcome to dorm life.)

“Can I change my major to sleep?” – Ryan Davis

I feel you. Our class feels you. Every student in the history of academia feels you.

“I wish I didn’t have to sleep.” – me.

Said after most of those late nights in the library, and agreed by surprising number a people, not having to sleep actually sounds great! There’s so much more you could finish, and not having to sleep would also mean not having those caffeine crashes and low productivity from being tired.

Conversation Topics

“In my hometown/high school…” – everyone, ever.

Up to this point in our lives, what has shaped us the most comes from what we’ve experienced in the last handful of years. We come into college, with the potential to meet hundreds to thousands of completely new people, and all each of us is – until we build new experiences, with new people – are collections of the moments, stories, and experiences we have carried into college. We are far more than what (or who) we were in high school, but undoubtedly, that formed what who we are now.

As Celia Aniskovich, a senior at Fordham says, “Remember that you’re not in high school anymore and that nobody cares what you were like in high school. It’s okay to take good memories from high school with you to college, but make sure not to get caught up in them.” Focus on where you are, and where you’re going, opposed to where you’ve been – but remember it.

Take a study (Netflix) break…what are the most ridiculous things you’ve heard in the first semester (or any semester) of college?

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  1. Lizzie on December 10, 2013

    “I’m jumping emotions like a kangaroo in a field of posies… POPPIES! I mean poppies!” My roommate after not sleeping for almost 40 hours.

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