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After months of thinking and brainstorming, and maybe some writer’s block as well, you finally type that last sentence on your personal statement. You go to your college application and fill out your personal information and add your personal statement as an attachment. You review everything for the last time, and finally, with trembling hands, you hit the “submit” button. You are finally done with college applications (after paying for them of course)! However, after hitting that button, what is there to do other than just wait for your results? Well, here are a few suggestions!

1. Check the status of your applications.

Even if you already submitted your application, you should still make sure that all of the different documents required for the application was also safely sent. Most colleges would have a website where you can check which documents the respective college have already receive. Using that website can let you see if documents such as letters of recommendation and transcripts have arrived or not. This is especially important because most colleges will not even glance at your application if the it is not complete.

2. Relax.

Every college has a different application deadline, especially if you decided to apply early decision as well. Some applications are due as early as October, and others are due as late as late January or early February. No matter what time you are finally done with those stressful apps, you should finally relax. It isn’t good to dwell on if you will get accepted to a certain school everyday. Chill a bit, hang out with friends, be sure not to think of college applications for it will probably make you a bit anxious.

3. Study.

Although I did state that you should relax in the previous section, being done with applications does not mean that you can finally slack off. In fact, it should be the opposite! Every college tends to look at your fall semester grades as well, and they will take those grades into account when they are reviewing your application. Even when you get your acceptance letter already, you should study hard for many schools require for you to have certain grades to maintain that acceptance.

4. Keep doing what was written on your applications.

If you wrote that you are in a club, don’t stop going to meetings. If you stated that you are going to participate in spring sports, do it! It does not sound like that much of a big deal, but colleges will think of this as if you are lying on your application. It does not sound serious, but in fact it is. For example, what if the reason why you got accepted to a college is because you were in multiple clubs for all four years of high school? Admission might see that as dedication and that you are good with time management.

As stated on the Harvard website of the School of Public Health, “Occasionally candidates for admission will make inaccurate statements or submit false material in connection with their application. In most cases, these misrepresentations are discovered during the admission process and the application is rejected. If a misrepresentation is discovered after a candidate is admitted, the offer of admission normally will be withdrawn. If a misrepresentation is discovered after a student has registered, the offer of admission normally will be revoked and the student will be required to leave the school. If the discovery occurs after a degree has been awarded, the degree normally will be rescinded. The determination that an application is inaccurate or contains misrepresentations rests solely with the Admissions Office and will be resolved outside the student disciplinary process.” I’m pretty sure that that news would make you tremble already.

In conclusion, remember that this time frame, from submitting your application to getting your results, is a time to relax. But at the same time, remember to keep your grades up!

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