Image from Pexels.

Image from Pexels.

Fashion fans may be sighing as they flip through the pages of Vogue and scroll down the websites of fashion bloggers to see what is going on in the fashion world. Fashion week was a while ago, and the next one isn’t until February. Sure, you can go look at the latest designs in Lavin in stores or read about what is going on during different fashion events, but it’s not like the buzz and excitement that comes with fashion week. Fortunately, there’s another fashion event you can attend: the high school fashion show. Wait! Don’t stop reading. Yes, it certainly isn’t Paris or Milan, but it is an event where you get to enjoy the original and beautiful designs created by fellow students. Besides, it is a night where you get to bring out your inner Grace Coddington and have an awesome time.

My high school has a student-run club called Interact, dedicated entirely to creating a fashion show each year. You wouldn’t believe all the effort the leaders and members put in to create an amazing show each year. There are so many people involved with this project, from stage designers to models. What is so great about this club is the good it does as well. Each year, the club invites charities to present to the club and members will vote for their favorite charity. The chosen charity receives all the proceeds that the fashion show makes. The fashion show makes a butt load of money. Last year, the show rose about $40,000 U.S. for a charity to help out refugees in Hong Kong.

What is so awesome about a student run fashion show in high school is the fact that it is student-run. Everything is created by students who probably have never even had any experience in the fashion industry. Yet, they can use their creative juices to create an amazing fashion show every year. Organizing and partaking in a fashion show is definitely a great experience to have if you have some interest in fashion.

There is also so much to learn just from an experience of planning a show. For instance, you will gain leadership skills from making many decisions regarding what you want and don’t want in the fashion show, whether it be about choosing which designs to put in the fashion show or what the theme should be. Even if you aren’t the head of the club, you will definitely develop better collaborative skills. Planning a fashion show is a big feat, and you definitely won’t be able to do it alone. Along with other members of your team, you will have to work together to decide how to to do get a task done, and how to do it together effectively as a team.

But what can you do if you want to be part of the fashion show? What if you don’t even like fashion, but your friends are telling you to join the club? Don’t worry! Heck, even boys can join too! There is plenty of things you can do even if you aren’t a huge fan of fashion. Remember, a fashion show is not necessarily all models and all fashion designers. There are those who work behind the scenes. If you like art, design all the artwork for the fashion show, such as the stage or brochures. If you enjoy dealing with numbers, join or make a business team to find sponsors for the fashion show and keep track of the money that the show will generate if it isn’t a free fashion show. If you just love helping others, find a charity and donate all the proceeds the fashion show will make to that charity. There amount of things you can do because you don’t think you are creative enough (trust me, you are) are endless.

There is always something new you can try out. So, why not explore your fashionable side? You might find a new passion and gain a plethora of new skills.

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