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Name: Kelsey Mulvey
College: Boston University
Class Year: Junior (Class of 2014)
Major: Magazine Journalism
Why She’s in Center Stage: Blogger behind The Trendologist
Social Media Fun-ness: Follow The Trendologist on Facebook or follow Kelsey on Twitter

When did you start really exploring your passion for fashion?
I like to think that my passion for fashion is hereditary: my mom used to be a fashion consultant/personal shopper at Macy’s and I always used to “borrow” clothes from my older sister. Even when I was little, I would sketch dresses with my gel pens (90’s throwback) and my favorite part of my dance classes was flipping through the costume catalog. Fashion was always a hobby, but I never seriously thought of it as a career path until I started The Trendologist. Now, I can’t imagine working in any other industry.

What inspired you to start The Trendologist?
There’s actually a good story! In high school, two of my friends and I would make these extravagant New Year’s resolution lists. One year, we added “start a blog” to our zany list. Needless to say, it was love at first post. Over the first year of blogging, I frequently changed my blog’s name. Thanks to my sociology minor, I finally thought of “The Trendologist.” It’s been smooth sailing ever since!

Favorite posts you’ve written on The Trendologist?
This is probably the worst answer ever, but I love each post for some reason or another. However, one of the most sentimental posts has to be my review for Tibi Fall RTW 2011. I was asked to attend the show and, as my first venture to [New York Fashion Week], that show (as well as the review I wrote) will always have a special place in my heart. In addition to covering that show, I am also very proud of my review for Josie Natori Spring RTW 2013—I loved the show and was so excited to have my review featured on the website, alongside Women’s Wear Daily and Pretty major.IMG_3309

What are you majoring in at school? How do you find time for academics, other extracurricular activities, and The Trendologist?
I’m currently a magazine journalism major at Boston University. Technically, I’m a junior; however, I’m graduating a semester early. I get asked this question very often. My secret is not procrastinating: I usually wake up at 6AM and go to the gym, I have two to-do lists (one long-term, one daily) and I must say that I’m pretty good at multitasking. Though it sounds like a lot of work, I love what I do (well, except those erroneous class readings) and always make sure I’m having fun.  That being said, I always make sure that I have time to hang out with my friends and live life to the fullest—cheesy, but true!

Do you think your studies in school have helped you when it comes to creating and building your blog and your brand? How so?
Though my journalism classes have helped me mature my writing (naturally), I have to say that everything I do outside of the classroom directly impacts my future as well as The Trendologist’s evolution. Besides maintaining my own blog, I have several leadership positions on BU’s campus, write as well as edit for Her Campus and have had several amazing internships. These things are teaching me lifelong lessons and turning my dreams into a reality.

Have you held any interesting internships over the last couple years? If so, how have those experiences helped you with The Trendologist?
I’m kind of addicted to interning and have been so lucky to have several amazing internships. So far, I’ve been a Special Sections intern at Lucky; Shopping and Style intern at Time Out New York; Commercial and Editorial intern at Drapers (in London); PR intern at Anthropologie; and PR intern/Brand Ambassador for Indie Lee & Co. All of my experiences have reaffirmed my love for all things glamorous. Also, nothing beats real life experience. Whether I’m living out my dreams in editorial or working with fabulous products, each experience has left me convinced that I belong in the fashion industry. That passion always inspired me to create more content.

What’s the hardest part about running your blog?
Since I don’t have a strict deadline or any editors to report to, updating The Trendologist is usually saved until everything else is completed. Though it’s hard for me to put The Trendologist at the end of my list, I am so fortunate to have so many fantastic opportunities!  

trendologist pageHow often do you add new content and why?
I try to post once a week. I’m a big believer in quality over quantity, so I like to make sure that I am proud of each blog post.

What’s your advice to younger girls looking to start a fashion blog or break into the fashion industry?
If you’re really interested in pursuing a career in the fashion industry, start immersing yourself in the culture now. Whether you keep a close eye on the latest collections or devour your favorite glossies each month (both are preferred), don’t wait until you’re looking for a job. Instead, become your friends’s go-to fashion person pronto. If you want to start a blog, just make sure you keep it professional. While writing a blog should be fun, think of it as a portfolio for your potential employers—keep it classy and don’t forget to proofread!

Favorite fashion blogs?
I’m a big fan of bloggers who embrace clean and thought-provoking ensembles, My personal favorites are Cupcakes and CashmereSea of Shoes and The Sartorialist. Also, The Man Repeller is so funny!  But I’m usually on fashion and lifestyle websites instead. I’m absolutely obsessed with Refinery29The CutFashionista and Who What Wear. Recently, I’ve been getting really into The Coveteur (a classic).

First piece of clothing product you became really attached to? 
I think I have a tendency to be attached to footwear. When I was a little girl, I always wore these red buckled shoes—I think I still own them. In middle school, I was so smitten with these pink jelly sandals from Coach while my tall pair of black boots from BCBG  and patent leather flats from Miu Miu were my everything in high school. In college, I’m head-over-heels in love with my black combat boots from Steve Madden. I wore them so much, I recently had to get a second pair!

Favorite piece in your closet right now?
I hate playing favorites; however, I just purchased this varsity jacket from Topshop in London and I’m pretty sure it’s love. It gives any outfit a supercool edge and can be worn all year!

Favorite accessory?
I once purchased this gold spiked bib necklace from Bobbles&Lace, which is this adorable boutique in Boston. To be perfectly honest, I probably wear it once a week. It’s super versatile, an amazing conversation starter and a little intimidating! Sometimes, I layer my spiked bib with a pearl bib necklace—the clashing textures are perfection.303392_1701044040030_1055790567_31593040_1817919360_n

Favorite daytime outfit?
As much as I love mixing it up, my favorite daytime outfit is pretty simple. My go-to consists of a button-up shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. In my mind, it’s the perfect blank canvas. I have an unhealthy obsession with chambray shirts, so  I love pairing a chambray top with my oh-so comfortable black skinnies. Otherwise, I’m a big fan of oversized Rag + Bone button-ups. I usually finish the outfit with some stellar accessories, a fun shoe and a red lip.

Favorite nighttime outfit?
Every girl has her trusty bodycon dress, but I think it’s important to keep it classy. My favorite nighttime attire consists of this fantastic LBD I found at Express over four years ago. It’s short, ruffled and I wear it all the time! I like to match this dress with a pair of black tights, black booties, stud earrings and a statement jacket–either my grey  (faux) leather jacket or this fantastic black and gold jacket from Tibi. Sophisticated, yet sexy.

Favorite statement piece you own?
I can’t choose just one! Unlike my favorite daytime ensemble, my top statement pieces highlight my more eclectic side. I have this fantastic (faux) fur leopard coat, which I love to throw over any ensemble for a Kate Moss effect– I sometimes even sport this jacket to the gym! I also have these very avant grade Prada sunnies that are the ultimate way to spice up a simple ensemble. My pink sequined dress from Aqua screams, “Look at me.” See, I told you I can’t just pick one.

Favorite spring trend?
Again, there are too many to choose just one! As I mentioned before, I’m obsessed with the denim-on-denim look. Lucky for me (and my fellow chambray fanatics), that look is making a strong comeback this season. There’s also this “mixed media” phenomenon happening in the world of fashion, which will easily translate to street style. I’ve also seen a lot of appliqué on the runways and in stores, which I think is the perfect way to score a feminine ensemble.

Where do you see The Trendologist (and yourself!) in five years?
Though I’ve been blessed with so many fantastic internships and opportunities, I have no plans to slow down. I hope to be an editor for a major fashion magazine as well as a guest host on E!’s Fashion Police… a girl can dream, right? No matter what I’m doing, I plan on having fun and keeping it fabulous. Whenever I read old posts from The Trendologist, I can’t help but think that the blog has truly grown over the years. I am beyond fortunate to have the most supportive family, friends and readers, so I hope that I can keep evolving the blog whilst keeping my original message intact: fashion is fun.

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