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Ahh, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and your neighbor is loudly having sex with someone in the rose garden right outside your dorm room window (thin walls fml). Welcome to college, and welcome to the world of ~love~. Er, well, sex. College is a period in one’s life notorious for not only learning for the sake of learning, finding oneself, and career development, but also parties, drunk people, and the hook-up scene. With all of the drunken sex and “I care less” wars, where’s all the romance? Are people still even into that mushy gushy stuff? Is romance in college possible, or will you forever be closing your dorm window and wearing earbuds on Saturday nights? Well, the latter’s certainly true for most of those college students who don’t partake in those activities, but I can assure you romance still exists on college campuses nationwise. Here are some of the most romantic (or just the plain cutest) traditions and facts I could scrounge up across the Interwebz for your enjoyment.

At Carthage College, there is a rock, like many other campuses have their own rocks (think Northwestern, etc.). But this place is called the Kissing Rock, and it’s not just for painting and school spirit. This rock symbolizes a vey old tradition where a woman must kiss any man that may find her sitting or standing in this space. Personally, I’m not a fan of this particular romancing, but hey–whatever floats your boat. It’s on the list.

At Stanford University, senior men and freshmen women gather on the quad under a full moon to kiss and exchange a rose. Rumored to have started in the 1800s, this tradition is slightly different now-a-days: pecks on the cheek have turned into much more passionate displays of affection, and sometimes students use this event as a performace space.

At the College of Willian & Mary, there is a bridge named the Crim Dell Bridge or the “Lover’s Bridge.” On this bridge, if a couple walks across, they will be destined to be together forever. However, if the couple breaks up, the woman must throw her newfound ex over the edge of the bridge to be able to move on. Personally, this sounds pretty frightening for the ex; I hope the bridge isn’t too tall. At the same time… this sounds appealing. Who doesn’t want to throw their ex off the side of a bridge?

At Purdue University, there is a campus landmark called the Old Pump. Back in the old’n days, women students had a very early curfew to be back in there dorms, and they weren’t allowed any dates on weeknights. To get past this rule, they would pretend to get water from the Old Pump. Here, they would meet up with their loverboys for some good ol’ talking about philosophy and the meaning of life… not. But now-a-days, although women no longer have a curfew or a restriction on dates, the Old Pump is still a popular place for couples or lovers to meet.

At the well-known Harvard University, it is a tradition for students to take their lovers to the dark, rarely-read stacks in the back of Widener Library to smooch… or more. This is a pretty difficult task, as Widener is indeed a library, so there is a sound constraint. Up for the challenge?

And, finally, since I know a bit about my own college, I can say a bit about the romance at the Claremont Consortium. Women at Scripps College and men at Harvey Mudd College, two of the five undergraduate colleges of the Claremont Consortium, are rumored to be the most often romantically involved (and even married after graduation) of all the five colleges. From this, students from HMC’s West Dorm in past years have gone around serenading Scrippsies with “Build Me Up Buttercup” by The Foundations on Valentine’s Day. I cannot confirm nor deny if the serenading is actually pleasing to the ears or not. Still, cute.

Do any of these sound like fun? Check out your top choice’s traditions–romantic and non-romantic! I didn’t find out about half of the traditions at Scripps until just this semester. They don’t tell you everything in those brochures–so get to the romancin’.

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