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Knowing a second language can be an amazing thing to put on your resume. There are so many different opportunities that open up when you know a second language. While taking language courses in college is awesome there isn’t always time to do so. Second language programs can also be super expensive and aren’t always the most interactive. That’s where comes in. It’s a free online second language program. Using this program is not only helpful for learning a second language on your own, but it also helps your prepare for class.

Learning A Second Language 

Learning a second language can open so many doors for you not only as student, but after you graduate as well. As a student learning a second language can give you the ability to travel abroad. Traveling abroad can be an eye opening experience as well as open other doors as well. After college employers love to see that you can speak another language, especially when the company works internationally. Actually learning a second language isn’t the easiest thing to do. It takes a lot of work and effort to become fluent in a new language.

How It Works

Reading straight out of a textbook can be hard. Duolingo starts of by breaking the language into different groups and inside each groups is a few lessons. This program starts the lesson off my breaking down what you going to learn in the lesson. It then gives you tips and notes on how to better understand the lesson. Now one thing I’m sure everyone hates is textbooks with paragraphs and paragraphs of useless information. The nice part about Duolingo is that it gives you all the important information without ton of paragraphs. After you read and study the text that is given, you then go on to take the review test. Now I know the word test sound kind of scary, but don’t worry its not that bad. These tests help review the information by changing up the kind of question that is asked. By switching up between translations, dictation, and multiple-choice questions you’re more apt to remember the information. Once you pass the review test you can then move on to the next questions. Make sure you visit this site in case you need help with technical document translation.

You Own Time

As stated before learning a second language is pretty time consuming. It’s takes about three to four college language classes to come close to fluent in the language. For someone who isn’t a foreign language major this can be close to impossible to do and still graduate in four years. By using Duolingo you can study the language you want in your spare time. Whether this be over the weekend, during the summer, or after is you choice. Duolingo gives you the ability to go review lessons so that you can refresh your memory if you’ve been gone a while.

Image From: Estrip

Image From: Estrip

Why This Is Great Practice For Class

Learning a second language can be hard. In college there is much more learning on your own. This means it can be hard to know whether or not you doing well with out immediate feedback. This program can be used for just learning the language; it can also be used for studying. By using the review tests you will know whether or not you’ve learned the information you need to. It is also a great way to know whether or not you are ready for that upcoming test.

Learning a second language can be awesome. It can open so many doors when it comes to the time you in school and after you graduate. By learning a second language you can travel abroad and have better job opportunities. It is understandable that with how many credits are required to graduate it can be kind of hard to take foreign language classes. Not only that, but even if you are taking foreign language classes they can be hard to understand and you may need some extra practice. Duolingo is completely free so it won’t be an added cost to your college budget. By learning a second language you can make you college experience completely different.

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