Unfortunately, “scholarshipos” is not a real Spanish word; it’s becas. However, learning Spanish is not the point of this article (but it may very well be the topic of a future article, because, you know, we’re pretty broad).

For all you scholarship fiends, you’re in luck: The Huffington Post recently featured nine of the most unusual scholarships available to students of distinct (and peculiar) characteristics. From being extraordinarily tall (being a six-foot-two male or five-foot-ten woman makes you eligible for $1,000) to extraordinarily short (the Billy Barty Foundation awards $1,000 to a rising college student diagnosed with a form of dwarfism)…

…to the infamous prom dress duct tape scholarship and a scholarship for having the last name “Zolp”…

There’s no excuse for everyone not to receive at least one scholarship (if not, more).

When it comes to applying for scholarships (and the college admissions process, overall), you are basically marketing yourself in the most extreme of circumstances. If, by chance, you performed duck calling since you were little, it’s a skill that you can churn into money, or an admissions letter.

Creative writing is by far one of the most fun ways to earn a scholarship: if, for instance, zombies took over your school, what sort of story could you create? If you have an affinity for llamas, have at least a 2.7 GPA, and become a member of the Michigan Llama Association, you can win a $500 prize.

Being against meat and promoting vegetarianism through, for instance, volunteer work with animal rights organizations, could mean receiving $5,000. Looking to pursue foreign languages at the collegiate level? You guessed it, there’s a scholarship for that, too.

Finding scholarships seems to be the least difficult part of the entire financial aid process; what actually causes the most stress is the actual application process. And, of course, the odds of receiving any sort of positive response amidst the competition of various other students across the country is limited. Therefore, it would deem reputable to aim for scholarships that are more tailored to you, right?

Ponder this: two thousand students are considered for a general scholarship for a $1,000 award, each well-versed in the process of college admissions and all well-qualified. Then, take those same two thousand students and consider a scholarship for $100 based on your dominant hand. Obviously, not all two thousand students will be left-handed (actually, about 11% of the population is left-handed, leading you to believe that roughly 200 students of the 2,000 would be qualified). This increases your chances of receiving the scholarship by 67% (sucks to be a righty!).

Consider utilizing these skills across all of your scholarship searches from now until late May, which, despite its proximity to the summer, is also a great time to scour for unpopular scholarships. Whenever you begin applying, you’ll be golden.

Looking for an even more 21st century means of finding scholarships? @scholarship provides an interesting platform–Twitter–to broadcast any and all scholarships that the staff behind the tweets come across; subscribing to their notifications can lead to an explosion of opportunities, all just by following the handler.

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