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Photo by Pexels.

Growing up, I was the person that people went to when they had a problem. And although people joked that I was their therapist, I really enjoyed the fact I was able to help them out in some way whether it was giving advice or just listening. I actually realized along the way that I could see myself being someone that helped others possibly as a career, by joining social services.

So what exactly is Social Services?

Social services are used in order to help individuals, families, and communities. This can mean helping others directly, such as being 1 on 1 with the client, or working on a bigger scale and doing work with a nonprofit by setting up for events. This career field is very broad and is broken down into several categories. This could be doing anything from social work, to becoming a therapist, or even being a patrol officer. You’re working with people and since you’re surrounded by people, there are tons of options.

What majors will get me into Social Services?

That completely depends on what field you’re trying to get into. Here are some of the more well know majors you can go into.

Social work: This is the major where you’ll have the chance to really get involved with the clients on a one on one basis. Although it is common to go for a Master’s in Social Work as well as get a license to be a social worker, you’re not limited to that. With a Bachelor’s you can still work in fields from child welfare to working with addicts. This major is all about helping individuals.

Child and Family Studies: If you’re still looking to work with the client on a one on one basis but still have that calling to work with specific child or family issues, this is the path for you. This major, although has pretty specific terms, you’re able to work outside of those fields. People in this major may work with children who are in the hospital, or adults in a retirement center. The perks of going into the field of study is you’re able to learn about all the different stages of life, so one age group may call to you more than others.

Sociology: The study of social behavior and society, basically, the study of people and how they interact. This field is definitely the most broad, as you’re studying how people deal with each other, but there are many different areas where that happens. This includes working in business, doing research on how people react to certain things, and working directly with people such as prisoners or people with disabilities. It really depends on what you think suits you and your personality.

What can you do with these majors?

Luckily there isn’t just one career with any of these majors. This can include:

  • Counseling
  • Mental Health Services
  • Case Management
  • Adoption Agency Services
  • Prison Services
  • Foster Families
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Research
  • Nonprofit
  • Help in Hospitals

The list goes on! There are many career paths you can take if you want to go into social services.

How can I prepare?

Volunteer! If something calls out to you early and you have the opportunity to set up for a nonprofit, or help around the office of a mental health clinic, go for it. You’re experience in that field goes a long way and really show that you’re a competitive candidate when It comes to choosing your job after school. Plus, by getting real world experience, you’ll already be one step ahead of others and you’ll be able to find out if that particular field is right for you.

Working in social services can be hard at points, but it’s worth it. If you’re a person that has always enjoyed working with and helping people out, consider a career in this field. It’s a rewarding place to be and if you’re passionate about it, you’ll learn more about people every day.

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