Meet TP Blogger Award Winner Alexa Carlin, Founder of Hello Perfect

Meet Alexa Carlin, the wonderful lady behind Hello Perfect, an amazing blog we featured on our 2014 Blogger Awards list this year. Read on to see Alexa’s thoughts on starting a blog and maintaining it (as well as her recollection of the time she met Mark Cuban!).

Name: Alexa Carlin
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Tell us about your blog. What’s the general theme of your site, and why did you decide to start blogging?

Alexa Carlin: Hello Perfect is empowering a community of people to redefine perfection and accomplish their dreams. We are working to inspire others to live a life from love, starting with themselves. I started Hello Perfect when I was in college, inspired by my own struggles dealing with self-esteem. Instead of striving to live up to this unrealistic perfection, I thought, why not just redefine it? That’s when Hello Perfect was born!

What’s your favorite part of being a blogger?

AC: My favorite part is having a community of support behind me. I love the Hello Perfect community because we uplift and empower one another instead of bringing one another down. It’s amazing to know you have people who support you and your efforts, especially when obstacles arise. Another favorite part about being a blogger is being able to inspire a wide audience. Hearing how Hello Perfect has changed someone’s life is what drives me to keep on growing this movement.

You started Hello Perfect when you were in college! How did you balance school and blogging? Any tips for students trying to do the same?

AC: It was my passion that helped me balance everything. I am so passionate about Hello Perfect that it doesn’t seem like work to me, so while in college I would set times on when I was able to take a break from my real work (school work) and work on Hello Perfect. By creating a schedule for myself I was able to manage everything and still have a social life and be active on campus.

My biggest advice is to wake up each day and write a to do list. Make each item an actionable one by starting off with a verb. Don’t write “Homework”, instead list everything you have to do for your homework. For example:

Email class group about project meeting
Write 1st page of thesis
Write blog post
Schedule tweets for the week

This keeps you on track for the day and motivates you to continue working and crossing off things on your to do list!

What has been your favorite moment of your blogging career thus far?

AC: My favorite moment was when I met Mark Cuban and got his definition of perfect to join our Perfect Is Movement. Meeting him randomly and talking to him about Hello Perfect was a dream come true. I’ll never forget when Mark Cuban told me he loved the name and the idea behind Hello Perfect.

What other blogs do you look up to and/or read on a daily basis? In other words, what’s your “blogger digest”?

AC: Every morning I read Mind Body Green and The Huffington Post. Then I scan through my Facebook timeline and my Twitter Feed to catch any news from other sites. I don’t follow many blogs because I feel having too many outside opinions in my head influences my writing and purpose for Hello Perfect. On Hello Perfect we write about things other people aren’t writing about. We share empowering REAL stories from REAL people.

What advice do you have for high school and college students hoping to start blogs? 

AC: Just start! People always make the excuse that they’re not ready yet; well, hate to break it to you but you will NEVER be ready! If you know you want to start something or have a burning passion inside of you then just go for it. All the answers lie inside of you and if it’s meant to be then the universe will help you become successful doing it. What I like to do is just throw a bunch of things on the wall and see what sticks. You will never know if you never try!

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