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When I woke up earlier today, on the first of March, everything was covered in thick, white, fluffy snow. I had a really nice brunch with my family, waking up after a really, really long night of sleep. Then I sat by my computer–checked my email, Facebook, tumblr, and read some qualify Fanfiction. Life is good.

Sure, I’m working my butt off–second semester senior year, but I’m still trying. I guess I’m just the kind of person who likes a suitable amount of work. It’s satisfying, and it’s fulfilling. Since my posts are in the very beginning of March, nothing much happened (in terms of colleges) since my last post. Nothing much from RD came out yet; and I’m still on 8/8 schools. I know, I’m such a braggart.

Since this is a college admission blog, I supposed that I should update you on some other college-related aspects on my life? There’s actually quite some, if you don’t count actual acceptances themselves. I’ll just start chronologically, to kinda help you make sense of the most of it.

1. Scholarships

Coca-Cola– Since my last post, I was selected as a Regional finalist for the Coca-Cola scholarship, got interviewed, and was selected as one of the 150 Class of 2015 Coca-Cola scholars! That means I get a $20,000 scholarship (much needed), a trip to Atlanta (much appreciated), and a whole network of Coca-Cola Scholar alumni (much in awe)!

I’m still sort of in shock. I just remembered that I was in lab that day (we were not told a definite date for the results notification), wanted to check email all of a sudden, pulled out the email, waited for it to load while hands shaking, and did my best to stop myself crying out when I saw “Congratulations!” I didn’t tell my parents directly; instead, I drove to Marsh, bought a 12-pack Coke, and celebrated Chinese New Year’s Eve with the good news. I can’t believe it’s been exactly 10 days already. I knew I preferred Coca-Cola over Pepsi for a reason.

Coca-Cola Scholar Class of 2015! Their scholarship will definitely help me to achieve my dreams.

Coca-Cola Scholar Class of 2015! Their scholarship will definitely help me to achieve my dreams.

Local Scholarships — Just got notified that I got $7,500 from my local community. Wow. I’m actually so honored and just living in my dream now. With these money (and hopefully more to come), I can actually probably pay for any college I would like to attend, since these scholarships must be applied to tuition anyway. I have two full rides to my state colleges, but it’s nice to know that I can go to one of my dream schools instead.

Other Scholarships — Still applying to everything under the Sun. Seriously, I have two younger siblings and there’s no way I’d go to a college if it puts me seriously in debt. My goal right now is to graduate debt-free. And hopefully make enough during my undergrad years so that I can have enough money for the future, too.

2. College Visits

PFW — Caltech’s Prefrosh Weekend. Phew, finally got that all figured out! I’ve actually never set foot in California before, so I’m pretty nervous that I’ll be making this trip all by myself in April. However, I am beyond excited! Several of my friends go to Caltech, and they’re all pretty happy there. I saw last year’s schedule, and everything just seems amazing. I’m especially excited that I might get the chance to meet Dr. Thorne, who had a crucial role in helping with Interstellar visual effects and wrote The Science of Interstellar. (…Can you tell which movie was my favorite from last year?)

CPW — MIT’s Campus Preview Weekend. It actually coincides with Coca-Cola Scholars weekend, but after a bit of work, I’ll be able to attend both! It makes for an extremely busy April weekend, but I’m so blessed to have both of these opportunities. In my farewell post in May, perhaps I would be able to brush on this in depth? At any rate, look forward to some comments on this. I’ve read about the event on MIT Blogs for years, and now I’ll have the experience to go through it myself. Saying that I’m just excited would definitely be an understatement.

Only Valentine card I received... But it's from MIT, so it's the only one that matters.

Only Valentine card I received… But it’s from MIT, so it’s the only one that matters.

Other schools — I’ll be visiting my state school later this month, and definitely UChicago sometime down the road before May. Of course, there’s still all of these RD schools that I’m waiting on. I supposed that I will update you next month on my final itinerary for April?

3. Competitions

Science Olympiad! There’s not many competitions that I really join in aside from scholarships, since I don’t really live in an urban area and doesn’t have a lot of opportunities around town for that kind of things. However, I participated in Science Olympiad and had some extraordinary results from yesterday! I participated in five events, and medaled (gold or silver) in all of them. It’s my last year in the event, and I can’t think of a better way to end it.

4. Some Advice

Music: I guess this is not exactly college admissions related, but it is an advice that I found helpful. Make a playlist for yourself–change it up every few months, but keep a copy of all these lists that you’ve ever made for yourself. After a while, go back and listen to them: you’ll find that these songs can evoke a lot of memories associated with these songs. I think it’s a great way to remember how you felt at a specific moment in time. Sometimes I listen to “Oct 2014” to remember how Taylor Swift’s “Red” inspired my Common App essay, to “Feb 2014” to remember my struggles during Junior year for standardized tests, and “Dec 2014” for my excitement when I received the college admissions. You’ll be grateful for it.

Quotes: In my tennis sessions, I usually receive some thoughtful/well-meant quotes. These two sticks with me, the first because it resonates grately to me (people tell me that I couldn’t accomplish xx but I go do it and show them my true colors) and the second because good study habits are something that I have yet to obtain. Here they are:

“Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine” ~The Imitation Game

“Champions don’t do extraordinary things… They do ordinary things, but they do them without thinking, too fast for the other team to react. They follow the habits they’ve learned.” by Tony Dungy

Before I finish off this post, I just want to thank you you all for being here silently for me. There’s not really any “comments” or “likes”, but I know you’re out there. Some of you have emailed me; some of you have recognized me on Facebook. I realized how there is only two more posts left for me here before I am done as an Admit/Deny blogger of The Prospect and I’m getting a little bit sentimental… Just know that I appreciate your presence, and as my presence here dawns, I want to say thanks, wish you good luck, and prepare for the beginning of the end of the college admissions process together.

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