Wouldn't you run to this love?

Wouldn’t you run towards this? (Image from my personal archives.)

When people think about sororities, they think of parties, glitter and girl talk. Yet none of that is close to what the two weeks this past September have been for me. Misconceptions about the Greek system run abound for every student, whether they be high school students or collegiates. Here is what you really will experience during rush.


Laugh all you want, but the dominant topic of conversation on the second day of rush was how we “couldn’t possibly do this for one more day.” Yet we pushed through. In a way, I believe it was a uniting experience for everyone in the Greek system and it’s possibly the reason why even girls from different sororities don’t actually hate each other the way they are portrayed to in movies. This is true not just in terms of the exhaustion, but the entire challenge of Rush Week.


This is becoming a theme, but trust me when I say you won’t be laughing when this happens. The Greek system is usually dominant in larger colleges, which usually mean larger campuses and thus more walking. Be smart and buy a box of band-aids the night before rush begins. Everyone in the recruitment group will love you for it.

Besides this, please do not try to be a heroine and walk in heels the whole day. Carry a pair of flats for the hikes between houses. It does not make you weak, just smart.

The pedicure that you get before rush will be completely ruined by the time Bid Day comes around. Word to the wise, get it redone the night before. Bid Day will usually comprise of just one final walk – to your sorority house. It’ll be a walk that you will not mind even limping through. Your sisters are waiting on the other side – my pledge class and I ran! Let me just say that I’m not the most athletic person and my house is on the furthest corner of campus.

My Pref Night outfit. I'm on the right!

My Pref Night outfit. I’m on the right! (Image from my personal archives.)

Super-fast grooming

I got ready for my Preference night (the last, most important night before Bid Day) in 15 minutes. Surprised? It’s that exhaustion at work again. I’d rather get rid of my dark circles than cover them up with concealer anyway. Rush Week does not leave any time for delay because you were fixing your false lashes. Being late to a house during any of the rounds may have you cut from the list.


This does not come under grooming. It is important enough to need it’s own point. All that walking may give you blisters, but at least they’re not noticeable (unless you’re limping). It is just good manners to have proper hygiene and besides, the girl in front of you will not be able to see your wonderful personality if she is focusing on breathing through her mouth.

Breakfast bars

This is pretty much what you will be living on unless your Rho Chis (your guides through rush!) plan ahead. Regina George may not approve, but Kalteen bars (if they are sold outside of Africa) would be pretty perfect. I chose chocolate chip Atkins meal bars because, you know, chocolate.

Also, carry candy. That sugar rush makes you a much less grumpy person and much more prepared to deal with a hundred girls chanting at you. Bonus points if it’s peppermint and helps your breath.


Every girl cries during rush. It could be anytime and for any reason—your nerves can’t handle the pressure, you got cut from the house you really wanted or (in my case) happy tears when you received your bid card. But accept now that you will cry and own those tears. Remember, hundreds of girls across the country will be crying right with you!

NO Parties

I go to a top party school and there is no dearth of parties or on-campus bars. Wouldn’t you imagine that sorority rush would fit in perfectly, with the girls’ alcohol capacities being judged? Not in the slightest! There are strict rules about going on during rush. In fact, we were not even allowed to go out during the week (rush would only commence on weekends so that it did not interfere with our studies). This was again so we wouldn’t be sporting hangovers and then have to deal with the exhaustion that comes with rush.

So that was basically rush! It had its fair share of ups and downs, but I’ve gotten so much more in return for two weeks of hell. I’ll take it.

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