Image from Pexels.

Image from Pexels.

Trashion. Yes, the word literally means what you think it means.

If you’re confused, trashion is a term for fashion and clothing that is made out of recycled, reusable or thrown-out materials. It’s philosophy is to promote environmentalism and innovation as the items that make up the clothing can be revalued again. Since 2009, my high school has been hosting annual trashion shows to enable students to display a wide range of creativity on fashion as the participating student designers are creating a set of clothes out of trash materials, which requires a lot of effort on the design and consideration of the environment.

As one of the designers of the Trashion event, I have been blessed with the opportunity to display my passion for fashion and art, while raising awareness on recycling materials and environmental sustainability. My theme for my trashion collection was “Seasonal Festivals”. I designed and created four dresses to represent four of the festivals: Christmas, St.Patrick’s, Valentines, and Halloween. Valentines dress was inspired by the roses exchanged on the day; the St.Patricks dress was inspired by the shamrock, symbol of the Irish; the halloween dress is inspired by the crafted pumpkins and lastly, the christmas dress is inspired by the snow and the silver decorations.

There are different steps that are needed in order to run a successful Trashion show. The first step was to decide on the theme of the series of dresses before starting to sketch and paint the designs for the portfolio in order to get chosen as a designer. It was definitely a hard decision to choose the right theme for the dresses as I had to consider about the use of trash materials, but in the end, I took inspiration from popular festivals.

For the second step, I planned out the recycled materials and trash that I was going to collect from friends and family. During in this stage in the project, I also recorded body measurements of three of my models. I also collected a lot of bubble wraps, reusable wires, and a ton of old wrapping paper.

The third step includes the production and presentation of the dresses. As all of the materials were ready-to-go, I began the process of creating the dresses. This stage is the most rewarding part of the process, as it was amazing to see how my dresses fit on the models and how they were presented, not to mention, it was also very exciting to work with the models backstage with hair and makeup. It was an incredible experience to walk on the runway as a designer and model and I’ve enjoyed this moment the most out of all the stages.

After the Trashion show, I’ve certainly developed my art skills and improved my co-operation and communication with others. From the production stage of the show, I’ve learnt how to deal with unfamiliar materials. Furthermore, I’ve enhanced my team work skills with my models and also with other designers and organizers of the event.

Needless to say, I am very glad to be involved in a fashion show that is related to global importance. I believe that each of us have the responsibility to improve it, and this can be done through various creative ways, such as trashion.

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