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Feeling alone as you swim through the terrifying waters known as the college admission process? Have no fear! We have several seniors blogging about ups, downs, and random in-betweens of their college process for the next 12 months (from June 2015 to June 2016!). Sit back, relax, and get that “OMG I totally get you, bro” feeling. Information for how to contact a blogger will be at the bottom of his/her posts.

Five out of ten. By the time the clock struck twelve on Monday, November 2nd, I had submitted five out of my ten college applications. Florida International University (FIU), University of Central Florida (UCF), University of Florida (UF), University of Miami (UM), and Georgetown University had all received my applications and that meant that I was halfway done with my college application process. The feeling was surreal. All that is left are five schools on my Common Application (American University, Barnard College, Bryn Mawr College, Tufts University, and Wellesley College) and then I’m completely done. November is almost over, and I still can’t believe what point in my life I’m currently in. This is absolutely crazy.

During the last moments of November 1, my hands were shaking. I submitted my friend’s peer rec for her ED school at 11:33 pm, my Georgetown application at about 11:42 pm, and my UF application at 11:58 pm. I was cutting it REALLY close. Then, they were gone. The digital files in the forms of ones and zeroes that contained everything I thought those colleges should know about me (or my friends) were out of my hands.Instantly, the regret set in. Like almost all the Admit/Deny bloggers this month, I was not confident in my application. I was second guessing my topic for my Georgetown essays, wondering if I had actually told UF anything in my personal statement, and worst of all, what if my peer rec was horrible. What if I became the reason my friend didn’t get into her dream school? That was the most crushing thought.

Even almost a whole month later, there is nothing you can do to force me to read those essays again. I know if I look back at them, I’ll find so many mistakes that I’ll want to bang my head against a wall. But I can’t think about that anymore. It’s time for me to move on. I’ve sent in my application and now it’s out of my control and in the hands of the Admissions Counselors. That’s what I’ve been telling myself to calm down and stop overthinking every detail. Along with all the fretting I’ve been doing over essays, there are mistakes that I’ve found in my application that are a bit funny. My high school graduation is the same day as my birthday, so in my UM application I accidently listed the year I graduate as the year of my birth. Now it looks like I’m a time traveler who went through high school backwards and then came back to the present to enter the college admissions process. But that little mistake is the least of my worries.

After submitting my applications, I got really lazy. I realized that I had almost two months before my next applications were due, so I spent most of my time slacking off when it came to applying to college. I took glances at my supplements a couple times, but I didn’t really take them seriously. I found a bunch of scholarships that I wanted to apply to, but their application deadlines seemed to far away that I just set them off to the side. Now that November is over, I have realized how close deadlines are. So instead of freaking out, I’ve devised a system for myself. Instead of telling myself the due date (January 1) I’m telling myself how many days I have until the due date (31 days) and everyday I physically write down how many days I have left. This makes the days seem more real to me and force me to do college stuff whenever I have free time. Hopefully, I can get my applications in in better time than my November deadlines.

Here’s some fun news: I got back two acceptances! I got accepted by my safety schools FIU and UCF! Even though they were the schools I counted on getting into, seeing two “Congratulations!” on my computer screen was a great relief. It made me feel that all the work that I had been putting into school every year was actually paying off. They aren’t horrible safeties either. FIU has an amazing International Relations program that fits well with its location in Miami and they have a nationally ranked Model UN team that I would totally join if I went there. UCF is in Orlando and a lot closer to my favorite place (Disney World!!!!) than I am right now. They’re both schools that I wouldn’t mind attending, though I have my sights set on going out of state.

Next month is going to be just as crazy as last month. Not only am I going to have to worry about my last five college applications, I also have things like midterms, first semester grades, Georgetown’s application decisions, and holiday vacations to worry about. Even though I hope that I won’t be in the same position as I was on November 1, knowing myself, I’ll probably be sitting in front of my laptop on January 1 entering the finishing touches on my applications. At least the next time I’ll be wearing one of those awful party hats and listening to Christmas music.

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