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Image from Stocksnap.

Many students commuting to campus or even living on campus will enroll in an online class at some point during their college careers. This choice is made for many reasons. Sometimes it’s because the student is working or interning for the semester and they need to take more credits. Sometimes it’s due to geographical reasons. Often, it’s because students believe that online classes are somehow easier than classes on campus.

Online classes don’t have to be difficult, but they aren’t always as easy as students assume. To help students decide whether online classes are a good choice for them, here’s a list of some things students need to succeed in an online class.

Time Management

Since students don’t have to attend class, they may think that an online class takes less time. However, many professors for online classes expect that students will be spending the same amount of time with the material as they would if they were in class. To do this, there is often a great deal of online homework, which takes up more time than students may plan on. To take online classes and do well, students need to make sure they have enough time in their schedules.

Planning Ahead

Students need to figure out how they will be tested in these classes. Some online classes proctor final exams on campus, and usually different arrangements can be made. However, students have to think ahead and make alternate plans if necessary before it is too late in the semester. Good communication with the professor is especially important in this case.
Getting help. Since students do online classwork largely on their own, it’s very possible for them to get behind. When this happens, students have to be willing to ask their professors or a tutor for help. Suffering in silence or trying to catch up on their own usually doesn’t work in these cases. Although communicating with professors can be scary, students have to be able to do it in order to succeed.

Although taking an online class may seem like the easy way out, it often takes more work than students realize. If you’re able to manage your time and talk to professors when you need help, online classes may be a good choice for you as a student. Online classes aren’t scary or impossible, but they do require the same amount of work as any class taken on campus. Learning across different platforms can be a great experience, though, and it’s an opportunity that may be worth taking advantage of.

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