Image from Pexels.

Image from Pexels.

Every time I log onto Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, I regret it almost immediately.

I am logging onto these sites knowing that I am about to waste more time than I originally intended. Afterward, I am going to feel bad about myself because my life seemingly pales in comparison to my friends’ lives. And I am fully aware that I am sacrificing my privacy by being on these sites. Yet, I continue to log on countless times a day.

And it’s easy to do this. I don’t just log on when I am on my computer, but I am constantly linked to social media on my phone, tablet, and even my email. Despite the countless stories of cyber bullying and even suicides caused by social media, myself and countless others stay online.

Everyone seems to be on Facebook nowadays, and social media is a large part of our culture and psyche.I believe it is time time we start taking control of this readily-available tool.  By providing information and keeping us connected, social media can help young adults get jobs, this if they get help from a company like True North Social.

Jobs and internships are difficult for young adults to come across because many employers consider us inexperienced, which causes them to overlook us. Because of this, we have to work harder to land that summer job. Refusing to spend the summer before her freshman year of college without an internship, Nicollete Weinbaum, Villanova University class of 2016, offers a prime example of this necessary hard work.

Weinbaum was denied from countless internships because she was perceived as being too young for the prestigious internships she believed she deserved. Therefore, Weinbaum created a video citing the six reasons employers should hire her and posted it to her LinkedIn account. Weinbaum was overwhelmed with responses, and although she didn’t get an internship with Goldman Sachs like she dreamed, she got an internship in her field of study.

Social media can help for more than just landing internships, Justin Bieber’s career started because Usher discovered him on YouTube.

In addition, according to CBS, there are many stories of normal people tweeting insightful or creative things to their favorite companies and getting a job in return.

When logging into your social media account, many people post pictures of their vacations, post statuses about how they are feeling, or share interesting articles. Many people view these posts as putting too much information into a public forum, but it can also be viewed as contributing to a larger information library.

Social media provides a network of information that anyone can tap into at anytime. Whether it is searching for a good restaurant in the area or trying to find pictures of a recent tragedy, social media can help. A mother even claims that Facebook saved her son’s life. Her son Leo was combating a disease that no doctor could diagnose, but one of her Facebook friends saw the picture of her son and was able to correctly diagnose her son in time to save him.

Lastly, social media keeps us connected. It keeps users informed on what is going on in the lives of people they care about or want to know more about. But, it can also help people meet people they would not have access to otherwise. This does not only include potential employers and peers, but also potential romantic interests. According to USA Today, a third of new marriages start online.

My peers need to start thinking of social media as a helpful, life tool, and not a place to gossip, brag and complain. Social media is amazing because we can all control how we want to be represented. However, since we have this control it is expected that social media is portraying the aspects of our lives that we believe show our best selves. So, if you were really good at holding beer cans when you were 18 and you are proud of that, keep that picture on your Facebook. But, it is important to realize that all of some of your online connections and potential employers may not appreciate that holding a beer can is one of your best skills.

Therefore, if users keep in mind the benefits of social media, make sure their social media profiles reflect a positive self-image and use it wisely, social media can be helpful rather than harmful.

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