To make this article easier to relate to, let’s all transform into potatoes(you can mentally do so if you prefer)! Having high self esteem today can be really hard when you’re always told that you need to be a certain way to be considered “beautiful” or “attractive”. But the potatoes tell a very different story.

Potatoes understand.


Some days I feel fancy.


Then there are the days that I feel 50/50


But even though most of the time I’m fine, but there are those days where life makes me feel weird and unattractive. Like….a plain potato, you know?


People are going to be rude regardless, so why let them really get to you? You are no less than they are no matter how you feel. Remember that!


But there will still be those days when you really feel out of place with all your friends.


And that’s okay, because it’s totally normal to feel like this!


Just because you dont look like the media’s idea of beauty…


…doesn’t mean you aren’t cool.


And just because you dont look like the “ideal” or “perfect” person doesn’t mean you can’t or don’t deserve to be happy just the way you are.


There are different types of love, and they are all beautiful.


And you should find people who love and accept you in all your potato-ness no matter how unlike the ideal you feel like you are.


So even on your worst days, don’t forget that you are capable of anything, and you have the power to be great, so just get out there and dance your problems into the ground and show your haters how you get down!


So just do you!


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