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College is starting soon and unfortunately that means it is time for goodbyes.  If you live 10 miles away from your college, it might be a little bit easier to say goodbye since you will still be close to home (I’m jealous). However, for those of us who live very far, maybe even across the ocean far, it means a whole lot more preparation. But do not fear! I will help you get a little bit organised in this article. Hopefully by the end, whether you just want to know how to pack or how to say goodbye, you will be all ready to go to college!


Make sure you are super organised with this! Start a little bit early. Like one or two weeks before early. This is a big move. So that means no packing the day you leave! Also make sure you are packing for the right weather. Don’t bring too much summer clothes if it’s going to get super cold in winter for the first semester. Leave that for when you leave again for second semester in Christmas. I also suggest making at least 3 lists, maybe even 4.

The first list is for things you need to bring with you, the second is for things you need to get at home, and the third is for things you will get when you arrive. The fourth could be for things you are going to ship over if it’s too big or you just have to many things. This way, you will be super organised. Try to see if your college provides you with a packing list. Ask upperclassmen and read up what is important to bring and what isn’t. Also, if you start packing for your things early, you will know whether you are missing anything so you can put it on the list of things you need to buy. Things like hairdryers and bedsheets should be bought when you get there, because obviously hairdryers have different plugs and its probably to a waste of space to bring anyway and bedsheets may be different from the ones you can get at home.

Visas And Stuff

If you aren’t a citizen of the country you are going to school in and you need a visa, make sure you have this all sorted out before you leave. Go on your college website to find out more about that. You don’t want to find yourself stuck at the airport because you can’t fly there or find out later you can’t study there.

Wrapping Up Relationships At Home

Leaving for college super far away probably means you aren’t going to see anyone you know for a long time. So, now is the chance to meet up with old and new friends, forgive people who you have hold a grudge against, and thank those who have helped you out. Even if you are going to see them over Christmas or Summer, it’s not going to be the same as before. Make the best of the time you have left. You don’t want to feel incomplete or be on bad terms with someone before you leave because it will be different when you go back home.

Money and All That Stuff

Make sure you have a conversation with your parents about your finances in college. How are you going to get money for food? How often are you going to get money? In which bank are you going to set up an account in? Are you going to get a credit or debit card? Make sure you know everything you need to know about your finances! The banking stuff may all be different from the one in your country. So make sure you read up on that so you can be a little more familiarised. Also remember to budget! You may have the money, but it doesn’t mean  you should spend it all on Chipotle.


You won’t be seeing your parents for a while. Freedom! Yes, but before you get too carried away with all the new found freedom, remember to call your parents! Set up times you are going to call them (Make sure you have the timezone stuff down). Also video call them once in a while so that you can see each other. (Teach them how to use Skype!) They will be worried about you, so even if you are busy, at least update them with what is going with you. Don’t just ignore your parents!

Getting Excited!

It’s college time! Get excited about where you are going. Make new relationships. Talk to your roommate if you have one. Find people on Facebook that is in the area you live and meet up with them! It’s good to make a few friends before you leave if you can because then you will have a familiar face when you get there. If you know anyone who graduate from your high school that is going to your new college, talk to them and ask them about their experience. Do tons of research! What clubs are you looking forward on joining? I know for sure I’m definitely going to join the Hong Kong Student Association at my school so that I will still have a chance to interact with people from home. See if they have such clubs for you in your college. Google map your college so you can see how it’s like if you have never been there. Research any surrounding places you would like to visit, whether it’s a mall or a restaurant. Just have fun and look forward to this new journey!

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