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The SAT is easily one of the most dreaded experiences a high school student could have. For many first time SAT takers, it is hard to know what to expect on test day. You can spend hours reading articles on how to prepare for the SAT, how to deal with test anxiety, and strategies on how to excel, or you could do it the easier way; by watching videos on YouTube.

YouTube is not just for puppy videos and makeup tutorials, it is also filled with people discussing their own experiences on many things, including the SAT. I compiled a short list of YouTube videos that will help you better prepare for—and feel better about—the SAT.

How to prepare for the SAT

This video comes from SimplyMaci. After an introduction to what the SAT is, Maci’s first piece of advice is to read a lot in the months leading up to a test. This is extremely helpful on the vocabulary part of the SAT and it can also help with grammar. Keep in mind that the book does not have to be a classic or an unappealing story with big words, although reading a book one or two levels about your reading level will help. The book can be anything that interests you and for most people, this can be a fun, easy way to study for the vocabulary part of the SAT. Maci also recommends purchasing the official SAT blue book, which contains the types of questions you would encounter on the SAT. While this may be the last thing on your mind when it comes to the SAT, Maci suggests wearing something comfortable on test day and to dress appropriately for how cold or warm the room may be.

Managing SAT anxiety

This video is from Dr. Robert Kohen. His advice centers around writing and expressing the anxieties you are having about the test. He recommends sitting down and writing down the worries you are having about the test. This allows for you to clear your mind so you can better focus on the test instead of the worries you have about the test. Another method of writing that Dr. Kohen suggests is spending about 10 minutes the day before the SAT writing down a list of positive attributes about yourself. This is  good way to remind yourself about different aspects of your life and your personality that you are proud of. This prevents people from getting too caught up in the test, also preventing anxiety. Dr. Kohen also suggests simulating the test before test day and not putting too much stock into the test.

What to expect on test day 

The final video is the longest one, but also the most helpful. It is from YouTube user Brooke Miccio and it is all about the 10 things she didn’t know before taking the SAT. These videos are oftentimes the most helpful because they don’t rely on statistics or studies, they rely on someone’s true personal experience. Brooke recommends many different things and gives suggestions based off of her own personal experience with the SAT.

One thing that all of these YouTubers agree on is to not get too hung up on the SAT. Yes, it is an important part of the college application process, but it is not the most important thing. Your SAT score is just a number. It does not define the extracurriculars you are involved in, your GPA, or who you are as a person.

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