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Confusion is a hard thing to see. It’s not like anger, clearly visible to the naked eye and easily avoidable, except for the lumbering senior and his wannabe thug gang who prey on the tiny freshman and decide to hockey check the latter into oblivion (I speak from experience here, obviously). Nor is it like happiness, joy and jubilation spreading on one’s face with a sprinkle of excitement mixed in. No, confusion is the scrunched up facial expression. It is the head-in-hair, emotional dystopia that comes with misunderstanding. It is writer’s block. Confusion creates uncertainty. Confusion, as I continue to find out, is really annoying.

That’s where I am now. Here in this world of dysfunction and complete volatility that makes up pre-senior year. While I should be “recharging my batteries” during the academic off-season, it seems that between the scramble for college visits and waking up at seriously early hours for internships which seem to be a necessary part of every good rising senior’s repertoire, the recharge seems to be just the opposite.

In my last article, I talked about how medical programs were completely tossed out the window, that they were just simply ridiculous and I wanted no part of them, but just as a college freshman is bound to change his/her major, I changed my mind. But only a little. I still think I’ve got no chance and that it seems ridiculous to even apply, but after talking with some folks who know more about this stuff than your meager-minded author over here, I decided I’d do it anyway.

This, in essence, is what I’ve learned over the past few weeks. I’ve learned that unless it is a financial issue during applications, as they can begin to add up cost-wise, no applicant should limit him or herself by not applying, because despite what our teenage brains think, we are not right all the time and what we expect may not be what will end up happening. Except for me. I kid. No, seriously…

But when I’m not busy being right, I sit in trepidation and worry over what I do not understand and also over what I do not know. Is my ACT score high enough? Is my GPA too low? Should I send my ACT, SAT or both? Have I taken enough AP’s or should I take Econ just in case they want it? Again however, cooler heads within my head (headception here), prevail and I begin to calm down. I take the proverbial chill pill, just as I advise my peers to do, and realize that there are people there to help you, albeit guidance counselors, teachers, advisers, and even friends and family, who have gone through this before and know their way around the rodeo that college admissions becomes.

Really, really nostalgic, I know.
Thank me some other time.

I realize too, that some things are out of our control. Junior year grades are done. Your GPA, whether you’re satisfied or not, is set. It is time now to write those essays early, keep up with teacher recommendations, and apply on time. Besides said things, it is futile and unnecessary, to continue to worry about things that simply cannot be helped. Will Michigan love your executive position in your school’s Tamagotchi Players United Club? Maybe. Will NYU really appreciate the four years of volunteering at the local retrieve-a-cat-out-of-a-tree foundation? Possibly. But it simply is not worth getting one’s head hobbling from the unpredictable predicament of the college selection process.

I am a MASSIVE Potterhead if you were wondering.

So what do I have to say? I say enjoy your summer. After 8 months of grinding it out on a daily basis, taking classes for a test made up of three random letters that didnt make much sense at all, and just surviving the hell known as junior year, you’ve earned it. So go to the beach or something. Go see that glowing disc in the sky normal people call  “the sun”, whatever that is. Sit back, relax, finish those Common App essays like now-ish, and don’t end up like this.

You’re better than Malfoy.

~Salib Out

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