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Image from Pexels

We have all experienced the overwhelming to-do list as high school students preparing for college. For me, the top priority of that to-do list was to apply for as many scholarships as possible. Applying for any type of scholarship is no easy chore. It requires deep thinking, patience, and plenty of time. Many students receive scholarships while they are still in high school but then stop looking once they are in college and do not realize that there are still opportunities out there. College is not cheap, and we are all in the same boat struggling for any form of income to help pay for our education so that less debt accumulates. The key to success is continuous dedication. Getting back into the hunt for scholarships can be difficult, but worry no more! The hardest part of actually starting can begin right now with these helpful tips I have below!

First off, here is a short list of the most popular websites to start looking for scholarships:

  2. Fastweb
  3. ScholarshipZone
  4. CollegeNET
  5. Scholarship Monkey
  6. International Scholarships
  7. ScholarshipPoints

With these seven different websites to start your hunt, there are no excuses for you to not start as soon as possible! Number one on the list above is a perfect example of having unlimited opportunities waiting to be given as long as you put the time and effort toward it.

If you are sitting here and feel a little uneasy thinking there might not be a scholarship our there for you, do not fret. There are scholarships for anything and everything! Let’s say you are interested in the world going more green. You want to help the environment and you want your voice to be heard, there is the AA Plumbing Go Green Scholarship (which is typically posted on the company’s page here) for that. Are you a first-generation student who can not rely on their parents for financial aid insight? Do you have some amazing ideas for a new prom dress made out of duct tape? Have a sweet tooth for inventing the next biggest candy bar? Obsessed with potatoes and want to pursue a career with them? All of these unusual questions have scholarships out there for them!

If you are curious, St. Mary’s University, the University of Iowa, the University of Colorado, and Texas A&M University all have scholarships out there specifically for first-generation students. The names of the scholarships from my examples above are the Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Challenge, the National Candy Technologists Scholarship, and the National Potato Council Scholarship! There are scholarships out there for your unusual hobbies and passions as long as you have the diligence to find them.

Being a junior or senior in college does not mean that your local coffee shop won’t want to give you money. Many students think the only time they can receive scholarships is when they are still in high school, but this is not the case. Give your high school guidance counselor a call and ask if any of the scholarships you could have applied for years ago or any scholarships he or she knows about are available to college students. Your local scholarships are there every year, just take the time to revisit them. Also, become best friends with your college academic advisor or guidance counselor. They are your golden ticket to all the information about your college, especially with your financial aid. I would recommend visiting with your counselor weekly or at least monthly to stay on top of all scholarship opportunities that are out there for you!

Even if you do not have a 4.0 GPA, you are still eligible for a variety of scholarships. Never count yourself out. You may have a strength in a certain subject, but it is possible to get a scholarship in something completely different. Dedicate yourself to these scholarships because they are just waiting to be discovered. So what are you waiting for?

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