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Many students face difficulties with paying for college but students who are minorities tend to have greater difficulties in paying for college and finding resources to do so. Minorities are not solely people that are of color but the category also applies to women, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. The internet is a great resource to find scholarships to provide for college and this article will help show you the way to do so.

First of all, start by searching all the things you believe are unique about you. There is a good chance that there is a scholarship for that. For example there are scholarships for people are a certain height there are tall female scholarships as well as tall male scholarships there are also scholarships people who are short.

Unique Characteristics Scholarships

To qualify for all Tall Clubs International Scholarship males must be 6’2” or taller and for females 5’10” or taller and also write an essay on what being tall means which is a simple task and qualifies you to possibly win 1000 dollars. If you are under 4’10” and have proof of dwarfism you qualify to apply for the Billy Barty Foundation scholarship (web-page currently not available but likely will be soon). Even based on your food preferences you can also win a scholarship. If you are a vegetarian you can qualify to win $5000 dollars from the Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship. There are even scholarships that have to do with your last name. For example at North Carolina State University you have the opportunity to get a full-ride scholarship if your last name is Gatling or Gatlin.

Scholarships for people of color

On to the more obvious scholarships: scholarships for people of color. By searching google with ‘scholarships for _____ people’ you are likely to find one. Some popular scholarships for African Americans and people of African descent include the Ronald McDonald House, The Negro Spiritual Scholarship and the Ron Brown Scholar Program. The Ronald McDonald House Charities provide scholarships for African American Future Achievers in order to help them pay for college. The Negro Spiritual Scholarship requires you to sing some of the Negro Spirituals in order to receive money and also be of African descent. The Ron Brown Scholar Program aids its scholars by providing $10, 000 per year to schools of their choice. There are hundreds of other scholarships for people of African descent as long as you search for them. Similarly if you substitute the blank with Asian, Pacific Islander, Latina, Native American, or mixed race you will be able to find scholarships for their minorities.

LGBTQ+ Scholarships

There are also scholarships for LBGTQ+ individuals. If you are a member of any of these groups then you have the possibility to receive money for scholarships. One example of such scholarships is sponsored by the National Gay Pilots Association and it is a fund for members of the gay and lesbian community who want to be a pilot and have applied for schooling in the subject. It will allow you to receive approximately $3,000 to fund your further education. Another scholarship is the Deaf Queer Youth Scholarship which sponsors LBGTQ+ youth by giving them $500 in order to help them with their education. If you are not openly out you should not feel the need to out yourself for money because it is a matter that you should take the time to think out and choose to speak of yourself.

Overall it is important to take the time to get to know who you are. This gives you the opportunity to learn about qualities that you can get scholarships for. If you are service oriented and love to give back there are scholarships for that just like there are specific height scholarships. If you are a minority of color you will be able to find scholarships fairly easily via a simple google search. If you take the time to search for scholarships you will likely be able to find them.

A/N The author of this author is not endorsed for mentioning any of the scholarships above and does not promise that you will receive the money either.

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