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Summer, as usual, is fast approaching. What do you have planned? What are your goals to accomplish once June hits? Around this time, hopefully you’ve already discovered some interests or you’re hoping to go out to find some. The summer is a time for exploration, with school out, use that free time of yours wisely to find what you truly want to dedicate your effort to. Okay so you have around two or three months, the motivation, but where are all the opportunities.

Where’s Waldo?

How do you find proper programs pertaining to your interests? Well, they don’t just fall into your lap. The search doesn’t have to give you nightmares, however, because there are so many things you could do to find opportunities available in your area. First thing’s first, the internet will become your new best friend. Simply typing a few words on your grade, area of interest, and location will get you a lot of results right away. Don’t be afraid to dive right into it and bookmark the programs that interest you. If it has an application due date, make a calender reminder so you don’t miss out.

Make sure you read things carefully like dates, if needed: referrals, possible fees, a medical history report, essays, or anything like that. These things can help you to determine how involved you should be before you start the application process. Remember, nothing’s wrong with going to a free program. Not only can they be rest experiences for less cost, your parents’ wallets will be grateful too.

The Waiting Game

After you finish applying to all those programs, next is waiting for their response. A good rule of thumb would be not to put all your eggs in one basket. Apply to array of programs or internships to spread yourself out. Who knows, maybe the opportunity that you only gave half a glance to could become one of the most fulfilling experiences in your life. Don’t get disheartened if replies aren’t made back, sometimes you have to knock on a few hundred doors before one opens.

Check your email often in case anything turns up. Things may change and spots may open for you.

Are You In?

Did you get accepted? Don’t feel roped into doing something just because they accepted you. For me, I was doing an internship, taking an AP course, on the swim team, and college classes on the side. When another internship placement opened up, I debated over leaving a possible opportunity or adding another task onto my already overflowing plate. In my case, rejecting the offer (while thanking them for it in the first place and explaining my reasoning behind it respectfully) was what worked for me.

So, if you get into all the programs you applied to, it doesn’t mean you have to go (unless the application mentions that once you apply then attendance becomes mandatory). Also start planning for necessary modes of transportation, clearing up anything planned those days, and get ready.

Life is Full of Doors

Maybe you didn’t get into the program of your choice or not into any of them. Don’t get disheartened, maybe there are other opportunities. Maybe start volunteering at a local library or shelter, start a new hobby, get proficient at a sport, or start your own business! The world is filled with chances. Sometimes closed doors are opened in disguise.

It’s also a learning process, and maybe you’ve gained some valuable skills while in your search. Always try to look at the bright side, what you can take from your experiences not what you’ve “lost”.

After All That’s Said and Done

Once you get into your program or internship, start networking and making connections. These people are your peers with similar interests, who knows if you might cross roads with them again some day. It’s also a great way to form friendships with people who understand what you go through. Whether the experience is good or bad, hopefully it’ll be something to put on your resume or maybe talk about in your college essay.

Life is what you make of it. Your summer is only a small part of it, so make it count.

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