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Second semester: it’s probably one of the hardest things to get through in high school. You’re counting down the days till summer vacation when you probably should be counting how many words you have done on your history paper. You’ll hear seniors talk about how senioritis is kicking, but let’s be honest, everyone is feeling the pain. At this point it feels as though you stop trying. Some people go as far as to calculate the highest grade they need to pass a class. Even though you want to give up it’s probably not the best idea. You have to power through. These are the reasons why you should power through and how to make your second semester a bit more fun.

Don’t Get Kicked Out of Your AP/Honors Class

While getting a C in the final marking period won’t bring you below a B average, it is certainly going to show some poor work ethic. Consistency is the key for achieving a good future. Don’t get into the bad habit of accepting a bad grade when you know you can do better. Remember that your guidance counselor sees every grade you get and often reserves the right to pull you out of a class you scheduled for next year if your grades start to drop. It’s hard working through the final months of school, but think about how awesome it’ll be when you get that A instead of B because you kept up the consistent work ethic.

Make studying for tests more fun by making a board game. Seriously, it is one of the coolest ways to study and you wouldn’t believe how much you learn. Get a bunch of friends together and turn your boring study sessions into a fun game night.

Summer School

Need I say more? If you’re daydreaming now about how much fun summer is going to be think about how disappointed you’ll be when you’re sitting in a classroom. Think about how hot the classrooms are in June they are going to be much worse come July.

Do yourself a favor and power through those last few months so all you have to worry about over the break is you summer reading. Don’t let yourself regret your own decisions a few months from now. One of the hardest things to do during the last few months of school is homework; it’s long, tedious, and how often does the teacher actually check it. To save yourself some time when you get home try doing your homework during lunch. It may seem like a crazy idea since lunch is supposed to be time to relax, but it’ll be much nicer to only have two assignments to do when you get home instead of five. By having less to do when you get home you have more time to hang out with your friends and enjoy the nice weather that is soon to come.

There’s a Final

That’s right everything you learn in the second semester you will probably be tested on. Finals are usually worth a big chunk of you average. Failing a final can be the difference between passing and failing. If you read the paragraph before this you probably don’t want to fail the final. You better keep taking notes and making sure you understand the material or else you screwed come the end of the year. Staying focused can be hard when there are very few months left in the year. Set a goal and give yourself some rewards. Tell yourself for every A you get you’ll spend $20 on clothes for the summer. This way you’re working toward a goal.

Hey, Seniors: High School Isn’t Over Yet

This section is specifically for the seniors reading so listen up. Many seniors are under the impression that once they’ve gotten into college and completed their first semester of senior, they can stop working. That is probably a bad idea because their grades are not invincible and they can still fail.

Also, colleges see your final grades and if they see you average take a nose dive you could be looking a loss of scholarship money and even entrance to the school. While you may feel is through three and a half years of work is enough you have to keep going. Keep in mind all the things you’ll be missing if you don’t graduate at the end of the year.

Getting through the last few months of school can be painful. When it becomes hot all you want to do is go home and sit in the air conditioning. Doing Biology and Geometry are the last things you’re worried about. Remember that even though you only have a few months left you still have to try your hardest. By giving yourself goal and turning studying into a game you can forget your even learning. Remember that if you want that summer you are dreaming about now you are going to have to working for it.

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