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Image from Pexels

“Summer lovin’, had me a blast. Summer lovin’, happened so fast.”

Most are familiar with the tune of Grease’s “Summer Nights.” John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John singing their hearts to their friends (and the camera). For Danny and Sandy, luck was on their side. Somehow, two people that met and fell in love on an exotic vacation ended up at the same school when fall hit.
Unfortunately, most people don’t live in the world of movies. And even less live in that fantastic world of musical movies. For most of us, fall usual signals an end, or at least a pause in some summer relationships. Not only those “summer flings” with “summer boys/girls” but also friendships. Perhaps ones made at camp or at work. When school starts again, real life begins again, and for most, these relationships get lost in the struggle of remembering how to wake up early and get homework done.

Now, some believe this to be the best way. Summer is a time for meaningless fun, for partying and living life like you never can during the school year. For these people, a summer relationship ends once the temperature starts to drop, because just like summer, these relationships were only temporary.

But others are like Sandy and Danny. Wishing, hoping, for their summer fling to show up in their life. Missing them terribly when they don’t.

Thankfully, with all so much technology at your back, staying in touch with those summer people that you actually like is not too difficult. But here a problem is introduced. What summer people do you actually like?

I’ve had a few friends that I’ve made during the summer, at places like camp, that seemed at the time like best friend material. When camp ended, I would try to keep in touch, and it usually went well. At first. For the first few weeks we could text and fb message each other, post on each others walls, tweet at one another. But sooner or later the majority of these social media friendships ended. Sure, some of themes till have stood the test of time, but most of these communications would wither out within the first month apart.

And so the question about summer friendships is less about how to stay in touch, but is it worth it to stay in touch? Here’s a few hints as to win losing touch would just be painful, and maybe a few tips about how keeping in touch just might be a waste of time.

1. Was it a romantic relationship? If the answer is yes, than staying in touch is always good! Even if you’re separated and can’t actually date or touch, texting flirtationships can do wonders to a bad mood. Definitely keep this one’s in your phone book, you never know when you’ll need a pick me up!

2. Were you coworkers? This one has two layers: 1, where you actually close? Or 2, did you just happen to work in the same place? If you were actually close friends, like I’m talking secret sharing, deep thought pondering, and friendship bracelet making (the last one is more metaphorical), than it’s worth it. Obviously you and this person share a lot of common interests, which could make it easy to meet up later, going to a show or festival or something along those lines.

On the other hand, there’s the people you just worked with casually. Assuming you won’t be able to see them on a regular basis, there’s really no point in keeping in contact. What do you have to talk about? Once you get the reminiscing about working together out of your system, there’s really not much else to say.

3. Was it somebody you took a class with? This one is tricky. If the class is just a general camp, than go by the rules of the co-workers. However, if you went to a specialty camp, like one for video game designing or writing, than it could be a good idea to keep in touch with everyone. You never know when you’ll need help in your creative endeavors, and even you aren’t necessarily best friends with the people in your class, their similar set of abilities and interests could be invaluable to your projects. Definitely foster these relationships, also you never know when one of them might hit it big and having their phone number will give you a definite advantage! 🙂

Hopefully, this small list gives you some ideas on what to do as summer winds back down into fall. Sometimes keeping friendships alive is amazing, and sometimes it just isn’t worth your time.

Comment below if you have any advice or ideas on this topic!

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