This online service was an academic lifesaver. Literally. We discovered each other when both Hurricane Sandy hit my campus and my laptop crashed. Having three papers due that week, electricity out on campus, and only my sister’s iPad  (#firstworldproblems), I had to find a way to type these papers up. I first tried Google Docs (now called Google Drive), however I was never a huge fan of it (especially on the iPad.) I felt as though the word processor on it too unorganized and just not that pleasing to write a paper on.

After Google searching other options, I discovered SkyDrive, Microsoft’s version of Google Docs. Why is this service better in my opinion? Because it is basically Microsoft Word online. Let me repeat, actual Microsoft Word online. It is not limited to just Word, but also includes Powerpoint, Excel, and OneNote as well. WHAT? Here’s the best part: it is free. If you are looking for ways to avoid paying $79.99 for the student version of Microsoft Office, this is a great alternative.

Currently I use this service for all of my academic and personal needs. I used OneNote to take notes in class as well as for readings outside of class, Word for all of my papers and essays, and the online cloud to share photos with my family. Recently I became part of the SkyDrive Insider’s program to learn more about the service. I’m still currently exploring Excel and Powerpoint, however once I use it a bit more, I’ll update and let you know my experiences with it. All in all, SkyDrive is a service you should give a spin.

What are your experiences with SkyDrive, Google Drive, or any other cloud service products? Have any questions about SkyDrive? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Staphany on March 10, 2013

    Signed up.

  2. Steven Gu on March 15, 2013

    UPDATE: Now you can currently get three months of Microsoft Office 365 for free as well as 20 GB extra on SkyDrive. In addition, if you share Microsoft Office 365 on Facebook, you get an extra three months free!

    Check out this deal at: