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A few weeks ago, we received a question in our Tumblr ask box wondering what sororities do in the summer. Well, the short answer is, anything that any other group of friends does!

Some sororities have meet ups or optional events that sisters can attend over the summer, but that really just depends on the school and chapter in question. For the most part, sororities operate just like all other friend groups, clubs, or organizations do in the summer. Since most members of a sorority live all over the country, it’s pretty unrealistic to try to get the entire chapter together to do anything concrete over the summer.

If there are sisters who live close to each other, they may plan to meet up for coffee, sleepovers, a road trip to the beach, or whatever floats their boat just as any college friends would over the summer. There are also generally several sisters who are studying or researching abroad during the summer. In the case that two sisters are in the same study abroad program, it’s pretty much required to get a classic shot “throwing what you know” [aka making the hand signal of their particular organization] beneath the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal.

Otherwise, there aren’t many activities that go on over the summer for sororities other than National Conventions, which are annual or biannual conferences where a representative or two from each chapter in the country meets in order to discuss how to improve the organization as a whole. These Conventions aren’t attended by the entire chapter though [but can you imagine?! Where? Would they put them all??]. It’s usually just the President of each Chapter, potentially a few other Executive officers, and anyone who wants to pay to attend [which can get a bit steep considering the program, hotel, and potential flight costs]. However, some sororities offer the opportunity to be a page or intern either at these conventions or at national headquarters which can be a fantastic way to build your resume, make great connections, and have a greater impact on your organization as a whole.

Depending on the school, the sorority house may still be a housing option for sisters who are taking summer classes on campus. In this case, sisters have a great opportunity to hang out, study together, and bond just as they would during the school year.

Perhaps the only summer sorority activity that occurs across the board in every chapter of every sorority in the country is preparing for fall recruitment. Since fall recruitment is a very formal and crucial event in maintaining a sorority [if they have no members, they can’t exactly have a sorority can they?], it takes an EXTREME amount of organization to pull off. The recruitment team has usually planned out most of their recruitment events and details during the spring semester, but the summer is when every detail really gets hammered out. Additionally, all members will be making sure they have songs memorized, skits practiced for skit night, outfits approved, tshirts ordered, conversation points practiced, etc in order to be as prepared as possible to both attract and welcome their new members. Recruitment for a sorority is not just about numbers, it’s about finding sisters who will fit well with the rest of the existing chapter and hopefully add a lot to it as a whole. Therefore, it is crucial that the chapter is as prepared as possible to show the potential new members what makes their chapter special. While that all sounds really stressful, it’s actually a pretty exciting time because everyone knows how worth it it will be in the end when fall comes around and members get to welcome and befriend lots of amazing, unique new sisters.

Well, it may not be as exciting as you had hoped, mystery tumblr questioner, but that’s the gospel truth. But when you think about it, having a group of close friends that you know you can count on to plan mini meet up vacations, skype, study abroad with, or get through summer classes with isn’t half bad!

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