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When looking for methods to cover your tuition after scholarships and financial aid, you’ll probably look at private students loans. Did you realize that private student loans can actually cover more than just your tuition? Many loan companies let you take out money so that you can cover other costs. This can help out a lot since tuition isn’t the only thing that is expensive. Using this perk can be a way to make funding for college easier.

What a Loan Can Be Used For

It’s hard to get scholarships from the school that covers the extras of being a college student. One thing that you may want to add to your student loan is your room and board and meal plan expense. These two things alone can cost over ten thousand dollars. In addition, when going to college most students opt to bring their own computer. This gives them the ability to work whenever they need to as well as download the programs that they want. Computers are a bit pricey, though. It can be hard to dish out the money from your own pocket. This item is another thing to consider when figuring out your student loans.

Don’t forget about books for classes! They are expensive and with everything else you have to buy they can seem like a bit of a burden. When taking out a student loan adding money for books may be something you want to consider. Since books are so important you don’t want to get stuck not being able to afford them.

How It Works

When you’ve figured what you want to include in your loan and how much it will cost, then you go and apply for a loan. Once you’ve been approved for your loan you will get a disbursement date. This is the day that the money will be sent to the school. This date tends to be after classes have already started. The school will receive the entirety of the loan. Once they take out the amount they need for tuition, room and board, and your meal plan, you will then receive the rest of the money.

Why You Should

Adding extra expense items to your student loan can help make your dream of going to college a reality. It gives you the ability to get what you need to be prepared for school. In some cases, it is unavoidable and without the money there is no way to afford what you need.

Why You Shouldn’t

Since the money doesn’t get sent to the school until AFTER classes start you won’t be getting the money until then. This means you might not get your computer and books until after classes have started. In addition, by adding these items to your loans, it’s going to make the debt you’re about to have larger. It also means that you might have a harder time getting approved for a loan.

Using It Responsibly

When deciding whether or not you’re going to add more than just tuition to your student loan, remember that it does have to be paid back. Before going to apply for the loan, make sure you clearly look at your financial situation. Not only are you going to be paying the money back, but you will also be paying back interest as well.

Adding books, a computer, and housing money to your private student loan can be a lifesaver. Most schools don’t cover more than just tuition with their scholarships. College and the other necessities are expensive nowadays and it can be hard to find ways to cover it. Remember that what you are taking out is only a loan and that it will eventually have to be paid back with interest. Also, remember that you probably won’t get you money until a few weeks into school. Before taking out private student loans, remember to look at private scholarships since those won’t have to be paid back. Taking out a private loan just may be the best option when it comes to funding your way to college. Just remember to do your research and have a plan before applying for any loans.

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