Image from Pexels

Image from Pexels

Because college is full of interesting personalities.

1. The Campus Celebrity

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This person does it all; they bring the party with them where ever they go. They’re in 4 different clubs, president of two of them, they’re attractive, witty, and outgoing. They might not know who you are, but you know them.

2. The Party Animal

Image from The Odyssey

It doesn’t matter what night it is; it’s Friday to this person and it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. You can find them most active between 10pm and 2am either dancing on a table, taking shots at the bar, or stumbling back home in party attire.

3. The A Capella Star

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This person dreams of becoming a Barden Bella. They can be found onstage and heard practicing riffs and beats in the shower.

4. The Pre-Professionals

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These are the future doctors and lawyers, and they’re some of the most driven people you will ever meet. You can often  find them frantically studying and making index cards in preparation for the MCAT or LSAT tests.

5. The Frat Star or Sorority Superstar

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Image from Pixgood

This person takes Greek life to the next level—you don’t even need the letters to recognize these types. If it’s a guy, you’ll be able to recognize them by the salmon shorts. If it’s a girl, she’ll make weekly posts on Facebook about how much she loves her big and/or little. Commonly found moving in packs.

6. The Slacker

Image from Buzzfeed

“Was that due today?!” Commonly found sleeping in ’til noon, the slacker went into college in the mindset that C’s get degrees and work is for poor people. It’s okay though man, they’re just going with the flow..

7. The Person Who Seemingly Has Their Life Together

Image from E Online

This person will make you question whether you’re doing enough to help your future, or whether you’re turning into the slacker. Commonly found in business casual at award ceremonies or at job interviews.

8. The Floater

Image from Huffington Post

As a freshman, this person was undecided. In sophomore year, they changed their major from chemistry, to pre-law, to business, to communications, to underwater basket weaving, and now they’re studying political science (for the next few weeks).

10. The Pro Athlete

Image from Athlete Network

After getting accepted into the university on scholarship for whichever sport, this person lives on the field. They dream of going pro, and they pretty much carry your university’s athletic department.

11. The Walk of Shame

Image from Giphy

Wasn’t she just with Brad last month? I heard she spent the night at Daniel’s place last week, but then last night she was making out with Drew in the corner at some party.

12. The Type-A Student

Image from WordPress

The enemy of the slacker, this person lives in the library and doesn’t settle for less than an A. They can be found at the front of the classroom, with a color coded notebook and an open ear for extra credit.

13. The “Cool” Professor

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This professor jokingly asks where all the parties are at this weekend, but the problem is, they’re almost serious. Maybe it’s that they miss their college years?

14. The Rich Kid

Image from Sprouse Pictures

You’ll know one when you see one roll up to campus in a new BMW. They don’t work, nor do they need to. It’s a wonderful life.

15. The Person Who Peaked in High School

Image from Tumblr

This person still wears their letterman jacket and keeps their old graduation tassel on their rearview mirror. They get nostalgic when the new senior class goes to prom, and they miss their old sports team. Once a (insert mascot here), always a (insert mascot here).

16. The Homesick

This person did not do as well with the high school to college transition as your peers. They can often be found at home, visiting on every weekend opportunity they get.

17. The Performer

Image from Buzzfeed

Ah, the performing arts kids. They’re incredibly talented, and they’ll invite you to every show. They were born for the spotlight.

18. The Wannabe Musician

Image from Funny Junk

Commonly located on the quad, playing “Wonderwall” on acoustic guitar. Need I say more?

19. The First Taste of Freedom

Image from Rebloggy

This person was kept on a short leash throughout high school, and went a little crazy with the copious amounts of freedom that college offers. They tend to get a little too caught up in the partying and all-you-can-eat dining halls.

20. The Temporary Best Friend

Image from Teen

Most commonly found in freshman year, you thought this person would be your best man or maid of honor at your wedding, at the time. Maybe they sat next to you in a class and you bonded over your hatred for gen ed biology, but after the semester was over you never saw this person again.

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