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Congratulations – you got into your dream college! Unfortunately for many, this is only half of the battle. Once you have the pressure of admissions taken away, throughout the rest of the winter and spring you can focus your efforts on finding scholarships. Look on both a school and local level, as well as a regional and national level, and with the guidance in this post you will be able to write the best essay help get you recognized for all of your achievements.

Regardless if your topic is about your love for dance, your dedication to community service, or how you overcame a major obstacle, following these guidelines will help you communicate your best story.

Describe what you do.

Every student has a unique experience that makes them stand out and makes them a worthy investment from a scholarship committee’s view.  First and foremost, detail your scholarship essay to really explain to the reader what you do that sets you apart. If you volunteer at a Homeless Shelter, give more details than “I volunteer at a homeless shelter”. Did your involvement or experience change since the beginning? Also, include information on the shelter, such as demographics or how many people it serves. Or, if you are a stand-out athlete, include how you balance your athletic demands with your academic demands and how much time you have sacrificed over the past couple of years to be the best athlete you can be.

Quantify what you do.

This is another key aspect to make your essay be more compelling and unique to the scholarship committee. While describing your activity and involvement gives the reader a great introduction, quantifying your efforts is what sets you apart from other students. Include how many hours you volunteered, or how many books your collected for the shelter, or how many hours you practiced or how many students you have mentored over the course of your involvement. If you mentored 80 students over 4 years, did any students’ see major improvements in grades resulting from your efforts? It is similar to referencing facts on an essay exam — it shows you really know your stuff, and also shows that you are making a large impact on whatever community you are involved with.

Explain why you do it.

Again, explaining your individual thoughts and reflections can set you apart in a pile of essays. Going back to the example at volunteering at a homeless shelter. Convey what made you chose this location to work. How did you first come to the conclusion you wanted to volunteer here? By conveying what makes you do what you do, readers can get some insight into your mind and into your character to understand that you will be a good investment. This shows you do things for more than just a resume-builder. Explaining why you do something can really show what you care about, what you’re passionate about, and it also enforces that won’t just walk away from your efforts after receiving a check.

Set a goal how you will continue your involvement with a larger impact.

Scholarships really are an investment. A company or an organization is giving you money because they believe in your future and want to help you accomplish your dreams. How will your going to college help you achieve your end goal or dreams that will help you to make a significant difference in your community? By explaining how your college experience will help shape you into a stronger, selfless worker, volunteer, or leader, any scholarship committee will be drooling at your aspirations and will be eager to help you with your future. End your essay with a bold, uplifting statement that ties your previous experiences together and sets the stage for your future endeavors.

Just as you convinced your college admissions you would be a great fit for their class, continue to work your magic to dazzle scholarship committees! Show them you care. Show them you’re deserving!

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