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Almost every high school student has a cell phone next to them at all times, so why not use it to help you become the best student you can be? There are apps that will not only help you become a better student, but also prepare you for college. I also suggest these apps for college students. I use apps daily to help stay organized and up to date on my homework. I would be lost without these and wanted to share my favorites to help you out too.


I am definitely not the best studier out there and will try anything to make learning the material easier. There are apps like Quizlet that lets you create your own flashcards or view ones created by other users. It also takes the information you need to study and creates games to make studying easier and fun. It includes images and audio to increase your learning and you can share your information with other students in your class. I enjoy apps like this because it allows me to have all of my study essentials in one place that I will always have with me. They also engage you with the material in ways you wouldn’t be able to if you were just reading notes or studying terms by yourself. This helped me become a better studier and will help you whether you’re in high school or college.


I recommend to any student to have a to-do list on your phone. Most phones have one included, but I like apps that make it more interactive. I put in anything I need to remember to do such as homework, projects and meetings. I set reminders to make them appear on my phone’s home screen to alert me. I am bad at remembering to look at my to-do lists so having them on my phone makes it a lot easier. AgendaBook is one example of a school organization app that allows you to keep track of assignments and homework on your phone. You can also create to-do lists and add notes to remember anything you might forget later. My college also has an app for the online homework we have to do which also has a quick menu to show you what assignments are due. Not every school is like that so having an app to keep your school and personal life organized is very useful.

Task management

Something every student needs is help with managing time. While being organized helps, having a task manager like 30/30 not only organizes your school life but also helps you stay on schedule. It helps you know when to work on a certain assignment and when to take a break. You get to choose different types of breaks like coffee or a nap. Once you put in everything you have to do and what time lengths you want each to be, it will automatically create a list on the home menu to show you what needs to be done. I personally have problems with task management and found working with small breaks intertwined works best for me instead of pushing myself for too long without refreshing. Another way to create this balance without an app is to write down the things you like to do to reward yourself and once you finish an assignment or study for a certain amount of time you can choose an activity to do as a break.

Auditory apps

I work best when I have some type of noise in the background. If you’re like me I highly suggest checking out the music app Songza. You can choose different types of activities or moods and it automatically creates a playlist. There are multiple study playlists that are fit to your style. I also enjoy podcast apps because if I am taking a break I can learn something without reading and pushing my brain more when I should be relaxing. There are also many books that have audible versions to help you follow along with the readings or help you if you are an auditory learner.

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