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Image from Pexels.

College students face the ultimate time-management challenge; between long reading assignments, constant distractions in the dorm, the popularization of Netflix, and the myriad of extracurricular activities offered, it’s challenging to find time to sleep. Luckily, college students are creative. The following list explains the different types of sleep that one encounters in college.

The Power Nap. 

30 minute break in between classes? Somehow college students manage to fit a nap here and still make it to class on time (the last part’s a gamble). Either way, the power nap is essential to a college student’s toolbox – right next to Starbucks and Red Bull.

Skillful Sleeping.

College students are often swamped with reading occasionally interesting things. As an English major, I’m no stranger to 100-page reading assignments (I wish I was kidding). As a result, I’ve mastered the skill of falling asleep while holding a book and sitting perfectly upright. Note: this may freak out your roommate – not everyone sees this as a desired skill. Just hope that he/she doesn’t take a picture.

Regardless, sometimes you just have to put the book down and utilize the previously mentioned type of sleep. Remember: healthy naps are only fifteen to thirty minutes. Maintaining this time limit will do wonders for your energy level, and just as importantly, you’ll have enough time to finish that reading assignment.

First Day of Break Binge. 

After a long, exhausting semester, it’s only natural to sleep 12+ hours, right? Parents don’t seem to agree as they lecture us about how “college has changed us” or maybe just our sleep cycles. Enjoy the first night of bliss and don’t be surprised if you become slightly nocturnal during breaks.

Keep It Classy.

If only sleeping in class was actually considered multi-tasking. It can be very tempting to fall asleep while sitting in lecture halls (or even smaller classes on the rough days), but the occasional Facebook stalk should keep you awake.

Stress-Induced Irrationality.

Do you think the libraries put couches there to study on or sleep on? I’m not quite sure these days. Theoretically, I could stay at the library and never have to leave… Except for that huge final I have coming up.

The Accidental All-Nighter. 

It’s Friday night and you decide to stay in, tired from the week and determined to get a good night’s rest for once. Next thing you know, it’s 2 a.m. and you’ve turned into a Netflix zombie – thank goodness the next episode automatically plays because this is no time for hard work.

The True All-Nighter.

You did it. You finally did it. At first, you were shy about ordering the monstrosity, afraid of the judgment you’d receive. “Did you say veinte?” “Well actually I said…” You bought a trenta at Starbucks and there’s no time to feel ashamed. That man-eating biology exam has it coming because you’re prepared to stay up all night cramming. Unfortunately, the real monster will be you the next morning with bags under your eyes, the previous night’s pajamas, and yet another coffee (at least you can rest assured that your coffee dependency is stimulating the economy).

The Weekend Shift.

Friday night comes and, all of sudden, staying up until 4 a.m. and sleeping until 2 p.m. is socially acceptable. You’ll wake up, have a meal that is neither breakfast nor lunch, and then consider going back to bed. Homework is for Sundays anyway, right? The only problem is that the same process will repeat itself on Saturday night and “I have all day Sunday for homework!” turns into “I just woke up and Sunday is almost over.”

At the end of day, it’s important to remember that sleep is important for your health. Study hard and have fun, prospies, but make sure you get some rest!

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