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Image from Pexels.

Do you love helping others? Are you looking for a new experience? Well, service clubs are just the clubs you are looking for! However, there are so many organizations out there that helps out different things. It would also be so much more fun if you could combine your interests to service as well. So, here is the ultimate guide to choosing the perfect kind of service club.

Hanging Out With Children

If you are a patient person looking for someone to share your wisdom and also find children adorable at the same time, why not work with kids?

Try teaching. Join a club where you will have an opportunity to help students improve their studies, whether it be math or Spanish. Clubs such as National Honor Society may give members a chance to do just that by giving members a chance to help younger kids with their homework. Of course, if you are living internationally in a non-English speaking country, there is bound to be a club that allows you to go to a local school and help some kids work on their English. Many schools have some type of club that will allow you to teach. If not, make one. However, you can always go into the tutoring business.

You don’t like teaching? That is okay, too! You can still work with children through other ways such as volunteering at hospitals or being a part a club similar to Big Brother Big Sister. Some hospitals will want to cheer little kids up by getting some people to play with them. It not only helps the kids relax, but it also allows you to have fun as well when you interact with them. As for clubs such as Big Brother Big Sister, it will take a lot of dedication because you will be someone’s mentor. You will have to help them through difficult times, and give them advice and encouragement. Just being there for someone helps a lot. Also, it will be very rewarding in the end.

Doing Something Hands On

Give building a house a go by joining clubs such as Habitat for Humanity! Whether it be for a person in need close by or someone far away in another country, building a house is always fun. You don’t even need to have prior experience. It not only allows you to learn new skills, but it will also allow you to develop close bonds with the people you will be working with. All the hard work you put into for a week will definitely be worth it.

There are plenty of other service activities that you can do as well that don’t involve you using a hammer. How about joining a club that allows you to help the local community directly? Some of these activities could include spending time with the elderly, walking dogs for an animal shelter, or volunteering at the hospital. There are endless things that you could do for your community.

Let’s Do Some Fundraising

Is there a cause that you believe in, but cannot find a way to help? Fundraise! Most service clubs do some form of fundraising. The best thing about service clubs is that you can literally find anything you love and combine it with service to help others, whether it is by helping someone directly or by raising some money. Bake sales and car washes aren’t the only way to go. For example, if gaming is your thing, you can hold a gaming tournament, and make gamers who want to participate pay a certain amount of money to play. You would be surprised at how much money that could raise.

Even just spreading awareness for a charity could help a lot to raise money. It can spur other people who could actually do a lot to help to actually do something and make a difference.

There are so many ways you can help out. You just have to try a little bit of something. Don’t worry if you don’t really find any service clubs available at school appealing. You can always create your own! Don’t know what to do? Combine something  you love with a good cause you support. Just remember to always dedicate yourself to what you choose to do.

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